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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2017
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Entries 37 through 45

#37  Aahmes Shriners-on-Parade
(A) The Shriners Color Guard and marching patrol has been in existence since1910. This unit is one of many that support the Shriners Hospitals for Children in North America. Captain of the color guard this year is Tom Slivinski.
(B) Aahmes Shrine Elective Divan (Dye Van) These are the elected leaders for the Aahmes Shriners for this year. The Potentate this year is the illustrious Sir Jay Williams.
(C) The Shrine Mounted Patrol. The members of the Aahmes shrine mounted patrol are riding matched Tobiano Paint Horses. Take special note of the silver saddles with green coronas.
The mounted patrol has been riding in parades, rodeos, and charity events for many years. This includes: the Rose Parade in Pasadena, The Grand Nationals at the Cow Palace, and at President Jimmy Carter's Inaugural Parade. President of the mounted patrol this year is Tim Wilbur.
(D) Novkeps. The Novkeps are a working unit that takes care of the novices that are about to become Shriners. Captain of the Novkeps for this year is Lloyd Garbutt.
(E) Motorcycle Patrol's motto, "We ride so a child may walk," indicates the purpose and dedication of the Shriners motorcycle patrol. President this year is Steve Huddleston.













#38  The Cadillac Cowboys
It's the Cadillac Cowboys!
These boys drove all the way down from the dusty roads of Nevada in their ‘73 Cadillac rodeo rig for our small-town rodeo. They parked their one-horse trailer up at the rodeo grounds and decided to come on down to the parade and say hi to all the nice folks. Hi, Y'all!



#39  Visiting Angels, Senior Home Care
2 people Our next entry is Visiting Angels Senior Home Care, located here in Livermore. Rotarian Keith Beck is driving a restored 1966 Ford Stepside pick-up that he has worked on since 2009. This was Keith's father's farm truck, used to haul hay, hogs and other livestock on his ranch in Texas.
Besides having a high performance V-8 engine with a 4-barrel carburetor, Keith has retained the original look of the pickup. He calls it the "Angel Transporter".


#40  Junction Ave. K-8 Color Guard and Band
And here comes the Junction Ave Color Guard and Marching Band
The Color Guard had a busy and fun filled Winter Guard Season. Their Show was entitled "A Walk Down Abby Road," which is a medley of the Beatles' Hits.
Four of their lovely ladies brought home 3rd and 4th place trophies and holding their own all season.
We couldn't be more proud!





#41  Livermore History Mobile LHG
From the Livermore Heritage Guild we have several entries.
First, the Livermore HistoryMobile promotes a unique sense of Livermore by educating residents and visitors about the history of our city.
The HistoryMobile murals display the established way of life of the Livermore Valley.
Inside, docents talk about the beginnings of Livermore, even before it was a city, all the way up to the present day.
The HistoryMobile visits third grades in all Livermore elementary schools and appears at local events such as the Farmer’s Market, Ravenswood, parades, festivals and wine events.
The goal is to educate the community and instill a sense of pride in our Livermore heritage.
Driver of the HistoryMobile today is Loretta Kaskey.


#43  Liv.Her. 1920 Seagrave Fire Truck
And here we have the 1920 Seagrave Fire Engine.
Livermore’s first commercially built fire engine, a 1920 Seagrave, was purchased for the enormous price of $11,000 in 1916, shortly after St. Michael’s Church burned to the ground.
12 volunteer members of the Livermore Heritage Guild restored the vehicle to like-new condition. Restoration required 3-1/2 years and donations are still accepted to help with maintenance and operation of the Seagrave. Gasoline consumption of this machine is somewhere between 1 and 4 miles per gallon depending on speed.
The Seagrave is being driven by Rotarian Irving Stowers and Will Bolton. Will Bolton is the curator of the Duarte Garage Museum on North “L” Street.
Also riding in the Seagrave are Andrea Loyd, Usha Khulllar, Susan Junk, and Barbara Soules, all Heritage Guild members.




#44  Livermore Heritage Guild's, 1944 Mack Fire Engine
And next is the 1944 Mack Fire Engine.
Livermore’s 3rd commercial fire engine (formerly called Engine 22) has been refurbished and is also maintained by volunteers at the Duarte Garage on North “L” Street where all three of the fire engines are housed by the Heritage Guild.
Jeff Kaskey, the President of the Livermore Heritage Guild, is driving and Ron Chaffee is his assistant.
They are accompanied by live music sponsored by the Bankhead Theater's free Evenings on the Green which will be in front of the Bankhead on Tuesday summer evenings 5:30 - 8:30 pm from June 13 - August 15.




#45  Livermore Mayor and City Council Members
And here we have our City Council. There's Mayor John Marchand, Vice Mayor Steve Spedowfski, and City Council members Bob Carling; Bob Coomber; and Bob Woerner and their families.
Mayor Marchand and the Livermore City Council Members are committed to continuing the excellent quality of life for the residents of Livermore.






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