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Late 1800s, early 1900s

This parade is probably in the 1880s or 1890s.  A military band leads a procession of uniformed military personel.
Looking west on 1st Street.
Buildings from left to right
2 story in background:  Existing building, which can be seen more clearly in other parade photos.
Original Library building with pitched room (existing)
IOOF Building (existing) with "Mitchel Bros __ading Jewelers" on the front banner, and "Furniture" on the rear banner.  Other photos with IOOF: DwnTwn1, 2, Aerial1, 2, 3
far right:  Feidlers Fashion Stable


Parade on East 1st Street, in the 1880s or 1890s.  Dressed in white are a group of women and girls.
Buildings from left to right:
Dutcher's Hardware
L Schenone Fruits & Vegetables
John Laou? French Laundry
The smokestack is at the Diamond Flour Mill.  The building has a 2 story white front.
On the right is the original St. Michael's Church which burned in 1916.

Portuguese IDES (Holy Ghost) Festival Parade, between 1905 and about 1909.
IDES stands for
Irmandade Do Divino Espirito Santo which translates to "The Brotherhood of the Divine Holy Spirit"
Banner reads IDES Pleasanton Cal
The flagpole is in the center, which was installed in 1905.
The building seen just to the right of the flagpole is Mallys. 
Further down is the building that is now the Yin Yin.
The far right is The Hub.


A Bistorious Bazaar and his 1896 Parade Float.
A Bistorious owned a Furniture Store on the first floor of the IOOF building.

Probably the early 1900s, looking east on east 1st St.
  The old city hall (Independence Hall) is in the center of the photo.  The Sweeney Opera House is on the right, which opened in 1904

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