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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2017
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Entries 29 through 36

#29  Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District- Full Steam Ahead!
Next up is the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District's float, featuring our Board of Education which includes Board President Craig Bueno, Clerk Chuck Rogge, and Board Trustees Kate Runyon, Chris Wenzel, and Anne White.
They're accompanied by Superintendent of Schools Kelly Bowers, and Assistant Superintendents Cindy Alba and Chris Van Schaack. Joining them are other members of Senior Cabinet.
Today's theme is Full STEAM Ahead - a celebration of the science, technology, engineering, arts, and math curriculum that engage our students, starting in Transitional Kindergarten and continuing through their senior year in high school.





#30  KAT Country 103 With Pumpkin the Miniature Horse
KAT Country 103, home of DJ Walker in the Morning, Mid-days with Jaimee Lee, and your afternoon ride home with Scott Simon!
Jaimee Lee is riding “OKIE JUAN KEN-OBIE.”
Wyatt Cole is walking KATCountry's official miniature horse, "Pumpkin."
Stop by the KAT Country Booth at the Rodeo and enter to win tickets to see country music singer Jason Aldean!





#31  Laurette Locke - Silver Mounted
Here we have Laurette Locke, riding Rosie, a 9 year old Palomino, American Saddle bred.
Her saddle is a sterling silver saddle made in the 1940's.




#32  Michele Leal, Local Western Senior
Welcome Michele Leal of Leal Ranch in Martinez. She is riding her horse, Patty.


#33  Kailey Bourdeau, Future Horsewoman
Next we have Kailey Bourdeau, also of Leal Ranch, riding Rusty. I remember Kailey from last year's parade.
She still loves horses and still wants to be a trick rider




#34  Under the Sea
4 people Here, from the ocean, come the elegant sea princesses, Eva Kaye and Audrey Belmessieri, escorting these two beautiful mermaids, Kayna Powell-Falconer on her seahorse, Dusty, and Ashley Belmessieri on her seahorse, Jackson.
The girls enjoy riding in local horse shows and performing with their equestrian drill teams.
Thank you for joining us today all the way from the deep, blue sea!








#35  Shelby Ohlhauser on her horse Ace
Here's Shelby Ohlhauser on her horse, Ace.
Shelby is 12 years old and this is her 8th Livermore Rodeo Parade!
She dedicates her ride today to Veterans and Military Personal. Shelby is sponsored by the Livermore Elks Lodge, Proudly Serving Veterans in Livermore and the VA Hospital. Thank You Veterans!





#36  Pogonip
Itsy Bitsy Ranch of Sonora proudly presents Pogonip, a 22 year old. 33 inch miniature horse driven by Connie Hawkins in her Rare Buckeye Norena Show Cart.
Pogonip has won many awards and titles over the years and is in the Miniature Horse Hall of Fame for Halter and Performance.





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