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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2016
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Entries 160 - 167

160 - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. " Just Serve"
3rd Place -
Amateur Floats

Introducing the JustServe float!
JustServe.org is a community service website provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
JustServe is a free website where community members can volunteer for local service projects.
JustServe offers opportunities to volunteer at schools, homeless shelters, and many other community non-profit organizations.
Everyone is invited to use the service!
Simply go to JustServe.org to volunteer for a project near you.
JustServe. Building unity through community service.




161 - Granada HS Cheering Squads
Please welcome the 2016-2017 Granada High School Cheerleaders.
They are a dedicated group of students who raise school spirit at the school as well as in the community, and participate in various community service activities throughout the year.
The cheerleaders are guided by head coach Brooke Curtis, along with Lizzy Martinez, Taylor West, and Kalin Kearney!





162 - Granada HS Matador Marching Band
1st Place -
Majorette Corp/Drill Teams (Junior)

The Granada High School marching band is excited once again to participate in the annual Livermore Rodeo Parade.
The band has had an exciting year, winning top honors at NCBA competitions in the fall and supporting our community at performances including Shop with a Cop, A Livermore Trombone Christmas, The Livermore Downtown Sights and Sounds Holiday Parade, and of course, this weekend's Rodeo Festivities.
We wish to thank all the volunteers that make today happen and thank all you spectators for coming out today.
Cheers! from the Granada Marching Band!







163 - Alameda County Fair
A big howdy to Livermore Rodeo fans from your friends at Alameda County Fair!
Cowbella wants everyone to come to the Fair! Get into the “spirit of summer” and enjoy great concerts, food, fun, and fireworks starting June fifteenth thru July fourth.
She’ll see you there!





164 - Bay Area Legacy Riders
1st Place -
Mounted Group (Senior)
1st Place -
Local Western (Senior)

On July 27, 2013, The Bay area Legacy Riders, aka "Legacy", emerged onto the Northern California Horse Club scene.
Legacy was created out of a desire to have a horse club that would keep alive the history of the old west and the contributions that people of color made.
Legacy serves to ensure these contributions are never forgotten by sharing the knowledge of the wonderful world of horses and the equine industry with youths and adults through involvement in educational organizations and community, city, state, and national events.
They're happy to share their Legacy with the people of Livermore!





165 - "Golden Girls", Gail & Judy, Matched Pair
1st Place -
Matched Pair

Here are the “Golden Girls”, Gail and Judy from Dixon and Vacaville riding their Palomino Quarter Horses, Chance and Cornflakes.
They're members of the California State Horsemen’s Association and have participated in its Parade Program for many years in different categories, collecting several State Championship Awards, numerous First Place and Sweepstakes Awards, and 13 Cow Palace Grand National Rodeo Color Guard First Place Awards!
They hope all in Livermore have a great Rodeo weekend!!
Congratulations on all those awards!



166 - Kelly Patten from Dixon, CA riding Taffy
1st Place -
Junior Equestrian

Here is Kelly Patten of Dixon riding Taffy.
Kelly has won numerous First Place and Sweepstakes Awards as a participant in the California State Horseman’s Association Parade Program where she is a member.
She encourages everyone to get involved with horses by riding, supporting CSHA and other programs, or just because you love being around them!
She wishes everyone a fun, safe Rodeo weekend in the Cowboy Capital of beautiful Livermore!



167 - Kailey Bourdeau riding Rusty Junior Future Horseman
2nd Place -
Future Horse Man/Woman

Here's 7-year-old Kailey riding her horse Rusty, 28, out of her Grandparents Leal ranch in Martinez.



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