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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2016
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128 - 140

128 - Livermore History Mobile LHG
3rd Place -
Classic & Custom Vehicles

The Livermore Heritage Guild presents its collection of old and new vehicles.
The Livermore HistoryMobile educates residents and visitors about the history of our city. The murals you see display our way of life in the Livermore Valley. Inside, docents talk about the beginnings of Livermore, even before it was a city, all the way up to the present day.
The van visits third grades in all Livermore elementary schools and appears at local events such as the Farmerís Market, Ravenswood, parades, festivals, and wine events. The goal is to educate the community and instill a sense of pride in our heritage.
The driver of the HistoryMobile is Tom Eberly with passenger Sandra Grafrath representing the Livermore Heritage Guild.



131 - David "Stilts" Volponi, Livermore Heritage Guild
Accompanying the Mack Fire Engine is David "Stilts" Volponi.
David was born and raised in Livermore with a family history dating back to 1891, and all his relatives settling here in Livermore.
He took his first steps on stilts as a young boy over 40 years ago.
He currently travels between the mainland and Hawaii, putting smiles on faces wherever he goes.



132 - Reins in Motion Foundation
The next entry is the "Reins in Motion" Foundation, located here in Livermore on Tesla Road.
They provide therapeutic riding programs for the Special Needs community and their new Veterans program, The Reins Heroes, to support Veterans throughout the Bay Area.
Reins in Motion also supports the Taylor Family Foundation at Camp Arroyo. The horses put smiles on their wonderful campers' faces!
Their mission is to enrich individuals with special needs and life threatening illness by connecting them with horses, animals, and outdoor educational activities to promote healing and growth for daily living.



133 - Hayley Green or her mule Gus.
2nd Place -
Junior Equestrian

This is Hayley and her mule Gus.
They've been in our Rodeo Parade for 4 years now and they love it. Hayley is 10 years old and Gus is 16. They've been best friends from the first moment they met; it was true love at first sight.
They enjoy going on rides, playing tag in the pasture, and sharing snacks. No matter what it is, they are happy as long as they are together.



134 - Horseback Fairytale
1st Place -
Novelty Horse, Costume (Open)

Here come the fairytale princesses:
Ashley Belmessieri, the heir to the throne, riding Jackson
Audrey Belmessieri, her younger sister, riding Sunny, and
Eva Kaye.
Escorting them today is their warrior guardian, Katie Johnston.
Ashley and Katie have been riding since they were six years old. They look forward to riding in the Reno Rodeo equestrian drill team competition next week with their team the Cavallo Cowgirls.
The princesses would like to thank their grandmother, Melissa Fisher, for sewing and putting together their beautiful dresses.




135 - Shelby Ohlhauser on her horse Weekend
1st Place -
Local Western (Junior)

Here's Shelby on her horse, Weekend.
Eleven-year-old Shelby first started riding in the parade when she was 4 years old!
She is riding today in support of the veterans and armed service members proudly serving our country. God Bless America!



136 - Payton & Her horse named Dog
1st Place -
Future Horse Man/Woman

Please welcome five year old Payton and her horse named "Dog."
Their first parade was here in Livermore when she was two.
They have now been to over forty California State Horsemen's Assoc. parades in the last three years, and have won numerous awards together.
Payton and Dog are the best of friends, and enjoy seeing all their friends and family here in their home town.



137 - Corky Fellingham riding her horse Katt
1st Place -
Plain Western

Next up is Corky Fellingham and her horse Katt.
In her free time Corky rides in parades with granddaughter, Payton.
When she works, she rides in front of the stagecoach behind her, with her husband Paul Fellingham handling the ribbons. So the whole family gets to do parades throughout California.



138 - Wells Fargo Stagecoach
1st Place -
Pony/Horse Drawn Vehicle

And now, ladies and gentleman, here comes a living symbol of the American spirit, the Wells Fargo stagecoach, driven by Paul Fellingham.
Today, the legendary Wells Fargo stagecoach proudly rolls through our town in our Livermore Rotary Rodeo Parade.
Letís give Ďem a big hand!




139 - Visiting Angels, Senior Home Care
Our next entry is from Visiting Angels Senior Home Care, located here in Livermore.
Our fellow Rotarian Keith Beck is driving a 1966 Ford Step-side pick-up.
This was Keith's father's farm truck and was used to haul hay and livestock on his dad's ranch in Texas.
Keith brought the pick-up to California in 2009 and has worked hard on restoring it.
Besides now having a high performance V-8 engine with dual exhaust, Keith retained the original look of the truck.
He calls it the "Angel Transporter" and drives it in special events like today's parade. In the truck with Keith is his wife, Carol.




140 - Mendenhall Middle School Mustang Marching Band
The Mendenhall Mustang Marching Band is proud to represent Mendenhall Middle School and the Mendenhall community in the 2016 Livermore Rodeo Parade.
Under the Direction of Mr. Randy Watson, with Drum Major Drake Small, this 54 member marching unit will perform ďA Touch Of SousaĒ.
On behalf of all the students of Mendenhall Middle School we invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy today's performance!





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