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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2016
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105, 108A, 109-112, 108C, 113-114

105 - Livermore Rodeo Princesses
After the queens come the princesses, here in a horse-drawn open carriage!
The six Miss Livermore Rodeo Princesses for 2016 are:
Chrissy Creeden
Emerson Fischer
Avery Fowler
Kailey Gandolfo
Savanna Johnson
Frances Thornberry-Sherrod




108A - SPURS Float-SPURS in Motion
The Livermore Rodeo introduces our SPURS group of young adults. These are our 16-23 year-olds who represent “Students Promoting the Understanding of Rodeo Success”.



109 - Livermore Mayor and City Counsel
Next is Mayor John Marchand, along with Vice Mayor Stewart Gary, and City Council members Steven Spedowfski, Laureen Turner, and Bob Woerner and their families.



110 - District 7 State Senator Steve Glazer
Please welcome California State Senator Steve Glazer. Senator Glazer represents the 7th Senate District.
Senator Glazer is a strong advocate for smart, efficient and compassionate government. He is committed to finding solutions for Tri-Valley transportation needs, protecting open space, encouraging smart-growth development, improving resources and benefits to our selfless veteran community, and advocating for our schools and students.
Senator Glazer is honored to represent the 7th Senate district and will continue to work to improve the quality of life for all residents!



111 - Fremont Bank
Please welcome Fremont Bank! Established in 1964 it is one of the oldest independent family-owned and managed banks in the state. They focus on personalized service for their clients.
Leading the way today is Mr. Kim Burdick, Senior Vice President, and Rotarian Johnny Orenberg, a member of our club.
Driving their vehicle is Mr. Rolando Rodriguez, Marketing Manager for the bank.
Please welcome their associates and their families!



112 - Livermore Cultural Arts Council
The Livermore Cultural Arts Council will celebrate its 50th anniversary in October.
The 25 member-organizations of LCAC bring music, dance, theater, visual arts, and history and heritage education to the Tri-Valley area.
LCAC is dedicated to making this area a culturally rich area and a place to better enjoy life.




108C - Livermore Rodeo Clown Clint Selvester "Wolfey"
Here is Clint Selvester as “Wolfey” the Livermore Rodeo Clown.
He started in the rodeo circuit at the young age of 13 and has been entertaining rodeo fans for many years as the Rodeo Clown and a barrelman!
He earned his degree in Multimedia Design in 2002 and he has also setup sound systems and mixed music across the country at many PRCA rodeos.



113 - Junction Ave. K-8 Color Guard and Band
The Junction Ave K-8 School Band and Color Guard are happy to be marching in the Rodeo Parade this year.
The band also wants to thank their mentors from the Granada High School Band for all their help and for marching with them today.
The Color Guard had a very busy Winter Guard season and has improved so much.
Way to go team!
Band Director: Tom Jones
Color Guard Advisor: Ginny George
Color Guard Instructors: Nina Victoria and Danielle Ingraham







114 - Livermore Rotary Club President, JR Romero
Let's welcome Livermore Rotary Club president for this year, JR Romero, riding in a car restored and proudly driven by Ed Coats. The car has a custom paint job in the original "Pagoda green," by President JR himself, of Tri-Valley Auto Body.
President JR grew up in Livermore, graduated from Granada High in 1979, and started his business, Tri Valley Body Shop, in 1980.
He's been in Rotary for 18 years and has been very active in our club as chairman of the annual fundraising Crab Feed for three years. During that time the funds raised increased substantially. He also donated painting services on projects like the Seagrave Fire Truck, which you'll see later today, and the new Rotary band stand in Carnegie Park.
Aside from Rotary, JR also belonged to Kiwanis and has volunteered for youth football, Little League, and Babe Ruth.
We're proud to have him as our president – he's been one of the good ones!
In the car with JR are his wife, Annette, and their children, Danielle, Gabrielle, Jessica, and Alex.




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