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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2016
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124 - Livermore High Cheer/Livermore High School
2nd Place -
Majorette Corp/Drill Teams (Junior)

The Livermore High cheer team includes 3 sideline and 3 competitive cheer teams with a total of over 90 athletes currently in the program.
Cowboys' cheer currently holds the Leadership award for their UCA cheer camp as well as three first place titles for their co-ed varsity comp team.
Aside from competing and cheering for football and basketball games, the LHS cheer team participates in various school spirit, community, and philanthropic events.





125 - Livermore High School Football Program
The Livermore High School Football Program includes 3 teams. Athletes here today are part of the Freshman, JV and Varsity Teams.
The LHS Football Program is excited to introduce the new Head Varsity Coach, Ryan Partridge. He brings much enthusiasm and experience to the program. Ryan grew up in Livermore and is excited to be a part of the Livermore community again.
LHS Football Athletes are passing out Flyers with the 2016 Football Schedule and they invite you all to be a part of Friday Night Lights in Livermore for the 2016 Livermore High School Football Season.



126 - Livermore High School Cowboy Marching Band
The Livermore High School Cowboy Marching Band is led today by Drum Major Andrew Shehtanian, Color Guard Captain Vayda Hackett and Drum Captains Wyatt Langendorf and Christopher Tam.
Awards include
1st place at the 2014 Feste Del Mar Band Review, 2nd place at the 2014 Lodi Grape Bowl Classic,
1st place and music sweepstakes at the 2015 Cupertino Tournament of Bands,
3rd Place at the 2015 Foothill Band Review and Unanimous Superior at the 2015 and 2016 CMEA Music Festivals.
Congratulations on all those awards!
Today the Cowboy Marching Band will be performing “Overseas” by Malcolm Arnold.







127 - Livermore High School 125 Anniversary Alumni
Here we have the Livermore High alumni celebrating the 125th anniversary of Livermore High School, the oldest Union high school in California.
Congratulations to some of the old-timer alumni participating in the today's parade today. Not everyone gets to be that old! We have:
Phyllis Fachner, age 99, from the class of 1936, riding in the '95 Mustang with her daughters, Gayle class of '62 and Janet class of '71.
95-year-old Dick Famariss, class of 1940, in a 1930 Model A Ford owned by Livermore High teacher Ed Woodworth.
Bernice White, 90, class of 1944, riding in the '56 Ford pickup with her son Ken class of '67. Bernice's daughter Lynette class of '76 is also here today.
We also have a
'57 Corvette, with Sue Coleman, class of ‘59,
'65 Mustang, with Sharon Wilson, class of '67,
'67 English cab driven by owner Cheryl Perry, class of '67,
Carriage and draft horses driven by Joe Jess, class of '78,
And a flatbed trailer pulled by Gary Marciel, class of '78.
And check out that double-front-end car, which was built by Livermore High School students.
There will be ongoing activities scheduled throughout this coming year to celebrate Livermore High's 125th anniversary.
Parade participants are handing out "Save the Date" sheets to all who are interested.


















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