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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2018
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#1  Livermore Police Department
Following tradition, the first in our line-up is the Livermore Police Department. And at the head is our Police Chief, Mike Harris (who is also a Rotarian) in the 1954 Chevy. This car was originally donated to the LPD by the Altamont Cruisers for the DARE program. Now you can see the car at most community events and parades or simply driving around town.

We also have some of the LPD volunteers on bike patrol. The LPD utilizes citizen volunteers on bicycles to patrol the trails and parks throughout the city.

And here are some of the LPD Explorers, accompanied by Officer Justice. And Finally we have Officer Audrey Thompson and her partner K9 Bugsy. They are one of three K9 teams for the LPD.

Along with the Livermore Police Department is the California Highway Patrol. This is the largest accredited state police in the nation. Started in 1929, its mission is to provide the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of California. The CHP reminds everyone not to drive impaired by alcohol or drugs, not to drive distracted by cell phone or passengers, and never ride in a car without your seatbelt fastened. The CHP wishes everyone a fun and safe summer!







#2  VFW Post # 7265 Color Guard
1st Place -
Color Guard (Senior)

As our first color guard approaches, please stand, if you can, remove your hat, and place your right hand over your heart in recognition of the presentation of our National Colors. They are carried by the Color Guard for the Livermore Valley Post #7265, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Carrying the banner are Viet Nam veterans Chuck McCumber, and Hank Jean.
Carrying the colors are:

  • Bob Rochin, Viet Nam war
  • Harold Kurz, Viet Nam war
  • Joe Revolinsky, Viet Nam war
  • Mike Gilmore, Iraq War
  • and American Legion member Lloyd Bauerly.

Riding in the WWII Jeep we have:

  • Driver Ron Gillette, Vietnam War,
  • Bo Wong, Korean War,
  • Leonard Gregory, WWII,
  • and Keith Andersen, WWII.

We all thank you, gentlemen, for your service.






#3  Alameda County Sheriff's Mounted Posse
1st Place -
Mounted Posse-Sheriff

Next, we have the Alameda County Sheriff Department's Mounted Posse representing Sheriff Gregory J. Ahern, under the direction of Captain Linda Post.
Since the 1940's the Posse has represented the Sheriff's Department in parades, County Fairs, and Raider games.
The Posse is honored to be a part of this 100th Annual Livermore Rodeo celebration.




#4  Miss Livermore Rodeo Pro Queen 2018, Maddie McClay
And here is Miss Livermore Rodeo Queen for 2018, Maddie McClay, proudly representing the Livermore rodeo in this 100th year. Maddie is a 22-year-old from the Great Bay Area and grew up attending our rodeo. She is honored and excited to be a part of the festivities this year.


#5  Livermore Junior Rodeo Queen for 2017, Payton Broby
Close behind is Livermore Junior Rodeo Queen for 2018, Payton Broby. Payton is 14 years old and the 59th Livermore Junior Rodeo Queen.

She invites everyone out to the Livermore Junior Rodeo next Saturday, June 16, at the Livermore Rodeo Grounds. The program begins at 8am.




#6  Tractor driven by Joe Gandolfo with Livermore Rodeo Royalty of the Past
1951 McCormick Farmall tractor driven by Joe Gandolfo. With Joe are some of the past Rodeo Queens: Barbra Cook, Pat Broadman, Jan Howard, Pamela Putts-Pettis, Tammy Fallon, Kim Garcia, and Christine Swartz.

Past Rodeo Princesses are Ally Matteucci, Avery Fowler, Chrissy Creeden, Fayth Fowler, Frances Thornberry-Sherrod, Grace Bargas, Gracie Waxman, Kailey Gandolfo, Paige Fowler, Parker Anderson, and Savannah Johnson.





#6A  Livermore Rodeo Past Queens on Horseback
Past Queens on horseback are Anna Bavor, Bailey Castello-Rianda, Missy Elliot-Giorgi, Alssa Perry-Hoxie, Allison Harman-Weaver, Bailey Laughlin, and Juliana Marciel.








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