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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2018
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#42  Mark Alexander riding Blazer
1st Place - Parade Horse (Open)

Say hello to Mark Alexander and his Andalusian stallion, Blazer. Blazer has classic Andalusian conformation with a short back, long mane and long tail. The Andalusian has been around since the 15th century. They have a fiery spirit tempered with intelligence which has made the breed very valuable to kings and generals in battle.

But, they are also gentle enough to be handled by a child and Mark can tell you that Blazer behaves well with all of his grandchildren. Blazer loves people and he really loves to perform.






#43  Flying Fillies Drill Team
1st Place -
Mounted Group (Senior)

The Flying Fillies Drill Team is comprised of friends and family spanning three generations. They practice together weekly and thank Sandy Inderbitzen for allowing them to call Basso's Arena in Livermore their home. They invite you to come watch them run sponsor flags for Livermore Rodeo's historic 100th year!






#44  Silver Mounted
Equestrian Sweepstakes Award
1st Place -
Silver Mounted

Laurette Locke is riding Rosie, a 10-year-old palomino American saddle bred. Her saddle is a sterling silver saddle made in the 1940's.







#45  Shelby Ohlhauser on her horse Ace
Local Western (Junior)

And here is Shelby Ohlhauser on her horse, Ace. This is Shelby's eighth Livermore Rodeo Parade. She proudly rides in honor of our Veterans and Armed Service personnel.

God Bless America and God Bless our Veterans!




#46  California State Horsemen's Association
1st Place -
Novelty Horse, Costume (Open)

Since 1942, the California State Horsemen’s Association has provided equestrians with quality, family-oriented amateur events, educational programs, and recreational activities for all equine breeds and disciplines.

CSHA celebrates the 100th Livermore Rodeo Parade with this fun ride through town!












#47  Aahmes Shriners-on-Parade
2nd Place -
Novelty Unit (Senior)

Welcome the Aahmes Shriners-on-Parade!

(A) First we have the Shrine Mounted Patrol: The members of the Aahmes shrine mounted patrol are riding matched Tobiano Paint Horses. Take special note of the silver saddles with green coronas. The mounted patrol has been riding in parades, rodeos, and charity events for many years. This includes the Rose Parade in Pasadena, The Grand Nationals at the Cow Palace, and at President Jimmy Carter's Inaugural Parade in 1977. President of the mounted patrol this year is Tim Wilbur.

(B) Aahmes Shrine Elective Divan: (Dye Van) These are the elected leaders for the Aahmes Shriners for this year. The Potentate this year is the illustrious Sir Don Markert. Standing in for Don is Chief Rabban, Alan West.

(C) The Legion of Honor is a unit composed of veterans from WWII, the Korean Conflict, the Viet Nam War, the Gulf War, Somalia, and Rwanda wars. The Legion of Honor is led by Commander Jerry Wachowiak.

(D) Here's the Motorcycle Patrol. ”We ride so a child may walk" is their motto, indicating the purpose and dedication of the Shriners Motorcycle Patrol. President this year is Steve Huddleston.

(E) Novkeps. The Novkeps are a working unit that takes care of the novices who are about to become Shriners. Captain of the Novkeps for this year is Lloyd Garbut.












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