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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2019
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#60  Shelby Ohlhauser on her horse Ace
1st Place - Local Western (Junior)

Here's one of our favorites, Shelby Ohlhauser, riding her horse, Ace. This is Shelby's 10th consecutive Livermore Rodeo Parade!

Once again, Shelby is riding for the Veterans, our Active Duty Service officers, and first responders.

We join her in a big, "Thank you for your service!"





#61  Reins in Motion Foundation
Reins in Motion Foundation is a nonprofit organization located in Livermore. They have provided therapeutic horseback riding sessions for special needs children and adults since 2011. They also have a Veterans program called Reins for Heroes, and they support the Taylor Family Foundation by taking horses up to Camp Arroyo for their summer camps.

The Reins in Motion Foundation’s mission is to enrich individuals with special needs and life threatening illness by connecting them with horses, animals, and outdoor educational activities that promote healing and growth in all aspects of their daily lives.

Their annual fundraiser is coming up on Sunday, Sept 29th. For more information, please visit their website www.reinsinmotionca.com





#62  The Cavallo Cowgirls
The Cavallo Cowgirls is a mixed equestrian drill team consisting of young ladies from 13 to 23 years of age, and is based out of Tracy, CA.

Team members are: Alexa, Ashley, Juliana, Pie, Sophia, Taylor, and Teaghen. Coaches are Shauna Ketcham & Samantha Turner.

They are thrilled to be part of the Livermore Rodeo Parade this year. Check them out at www.cavallocowgirls.com.




#63  Alameda County Fair
Hello, Livermore! and Happy Rodeo Day to everyone, from Cowbella and your friends at the Alameda County Fair!

Get Ready for some big summer fun at the 2019 Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, June 14th thru July 7th. That's coming up soon! We'll see you there!






#64  Feathers and Leather Drill Team
1st Place - Novelty Horse, Costume (Open)

From Livermore is the "Feathers and Leather" Drill Team. It's led by Cathy Cerro, who breeds and sells these beautiful Gypsy Vanner horses. She formed this drill team to show off her horses. Smart woman!

Watch these regal horses as they transport you into the "Game of Thrones" world.






#64A  Juanita Ellington riding "Golden Eagle"
Equestrian Sweepstakes Award
1st Place - Fancy Parade Horse (Open)

Juanita Ellington is riding “Golden Eagle”, a 15 year American Saddlebred. He is wearing a vintage sterling silver saddle set made by Keyston Brothers in San Francisco.

Golden Eagle has ridden in multiple parades including the Hollywood Christmas Parade, The Pasadena Rose Parade, and the Presidential Inaugural Parade.










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