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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2019
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#1  Livermore Police Department
Following tradition, the first in our line-up is the Livermore Police Department. And at the head is our Police Chief, Mike Harris (who is also a Rotarian) He's riding in the 1954 Chevy donated to the LPD by the Altamont Cruisers for use in community events.

Riding alongside the Chevy are several Livermore Police Volunteers. These bicycle patrol volunteers are part of the Citizens on Patrol program. They patrol trails, parks, and paths and assist citizens when necessary. Livermore Police Volunteers have donated over 3000 hours to the community.

We also have several Police Explorers walking. The Explorer Program consists of boys and girls ages 14-21 attending Livermore schools who are interested in a career in law enforcement.





#2  California Highway Patrol
Following behind the Livermore Police Department is the California Highway Patrol, headquartered in Dublin. They tip their hats to the wonderful people of Livermore and offer thanks for letting them serve our community as they try to make the roadways safer for. The CHP reminds everyone not to drive impaired by alcohol or drugs, not to drive distracted by cell phone or passengers, and never ride in a car without your seatbelt fastened.





#3  VFW Post # 7265 Color Guard
1st Place - Color Guard (Senior)

As our first color guard approaches, please stand, if you can, remove your hat, and place your right hand over your heart in recognition of the presentation of our National Colors. They are carried by the Color Guard for the Livermore Valley Post #7265, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Carrying the banner are Viet Nam veterans Chuck McCumber, and Hank Jean.

Carrying the colors are: Harold Kurz, Viet Nam war;  Bob Rochin, Viet Nam war;  Mike Gilmore, Iraq War;  Joe Revolinsky, Viet Nam war;  And Ralph Morrow, Viet Nam war; 

Riding in the WWII Jeep we have: Driver Ron Gillette, Vietnam War;  Bo Wong, WWII;  Leonard Gregory, WWII

We all thank you, gentlemen, for your service.





#4  Alameda County Sheriff's Mounted Posse
1st Place - Sheriff's Posse

Next, we have the Alameda County Sheriff Department's Mounted Posse representing Sheriff Greg Ahern, under the command of Captain Linda Post.

Since the 1940's the Posse has represented the Sheriff's Department in parades, County Fairs, Cowboy Honor Rides, and Raider games.

The Posse is honored to be a part of our annual Livermore Rodeo celebration.




#5  Miss Livermore Rodeo Queen 2019 Morgan Laughlin
Miss Livermore Rodeo Queen 2019 Morgan Laughlin is honored and excited to represent the “World's Fastest Livermore Rodeo”.

Morgan is 19-years old, born and raised in Livermore and has recently completed school to become a Phlebotomy Technician. She looks forward to seeing everyone at the Rodeo grounds for this year's 101st rodeo this weekend.




#6  Miss Livermore Jr Rodeo Queen 2019 Faith Stepanoff
Close behind is Miss Livermore Jr. Rodeo Queen 2019 Faith Stepanoff.

Faith is a 13 year old from Tracy, CA. She would like to invite you to the 60th annual Livermore Jr rodeo on June 15th.




#7  Miss Livermore Rodeo Princesses in Horse Drawn Open Carriage
After the queens and the dignitaries come the princesses, here in a horse-drawn open carriage!

The Miss Livermore Rodeo Princesses for 2019 are:

Lexi Day,  Mia Martin,  Marlie Jaegel,   Cierra Abersold

With the Princesses are Royalty Coordinator Kim Connors and the Princess Committee.





#9  Livermore Rodeo Presidents in a 1930 Model A
Next, in a 1930 Model A driven by Craig Rivers we have the 2019 Livermore Stockmen’s Rodeo Association President, Colby Staysa, and the Livermore Rodeo Foundation President, Kathleen Minser. Both are longtime Livermore residents and have been a part of the Rodeo for many years.

Colby and Kathleen would like to thank all the people behind the scenes for keeping the spirit and tradition of the Livermore Rodeo alive.


#10  Livermore Rodeo 1st Stage Coach
And here is one of the Livermore Rodeo stage coaches, carrying the 2019 Livermore Rodeo Cowgirl Honoree: Lynn Staysa.

Riding in the stagecoach with Lynn are her family and friends and Livermore Stockmen's Rodeo Association representatives.




#11  Livermore Rodeo 2nd Stage Coach
Enjoying part of an Auction Rodeo Experience package are Joe and Jon Gandolfo.






#12  SPURS Float
The Livermore Rodeo introduces SPURS group of young adults. These 16-23- year-olds represent “Students Promoting the Understanding of Rodeo Success” and the newest group, The JR SPURS.







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