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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2019
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#43  Hot Country Live
Based right here in Livermore, the new Hot Country Live is delivered fresh to your smart phone, computer, or tablet 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

They have your favorite country artists as well as your favorite local artists.

And it's free to download, free to listen, free to interact! Download and listen today.

You'll find it in Google play and the app store. Or online at hotcountrylive.com





#44  Livermore History Mobile LHG
The Livermore HistoryMobile promotes a unique sense of Livermore by educating residents and visitors about the history of our city. The HistoryMobile murals you see display the established way of life of the Livermore Valley. Inside, docents talk about the beginnings of Livermore, even before it was a city, all the way up to the present day.

The HistoryMobile visits 14 Livermore elementary schools and appears at local events such as the Farmer’s Market, Ravenswood, parades, festivals and wine events. The goal is to educate the community and instill a sense of pride in our Livermore heritage.

The driver of the HistoryMobile today is Thomas Eberly, with docent Nancy Mulligan.





#45  1919 Ford Model T Chemical Fire Truck
Here we have the Heritage Guild's 1919 Ford Model-T Chemical Fire Truck.

This tiny vehicle was Livermore’s first motorized fire truck. The Chief of Livermore’s Volunteer Fire Department was a mechanic in a garage on 2nd St. He built this vehicle on a Ford Model-T automobile frame which still contains components dating back to 1915!.

This 100-year-old vehicle has been restored to operating condition and maintained by Heritage Guild volunteers.

Gary Bausch is today’s driver and his passenger is Christine Thompson.




#46  Liv.Her. 1920 Seagrave Fire Truck
Here's the Heritage Guild's 1920 Seagrave Fire Engine, Livermore’s first commercially built fire engine. It was purchased for the enormous price of $11,000 shortly after St. Michael’s Church burned to the ground in 1916.

Today the Seagrave is being driven by Will Bolton and Irv Stowers.

Will Bolton is also the curator of the Duarte Garage Museum on North “L” Street.

12 volunteer members of the Livermore Heritage Guild restored this vehicle to like-new condition. Restoration required 3-1/2 years and donations are still needed to help with maintenance and operation. Gasoline consumption of this machine is somewhere between 1 and 4 miles per gallon depending on speed.

#47  Livermore Heritage Guild's, 1944 Mack Fire Engine
Livermore’s 3rd commercial fire engine (formerly called Engine 22) is a 1944 Mack Fire Engine which also has been refurbished and is maintained by volunteers.

All three of the fire engines are housed at the Duarte Garage on North “L” Street.

Today the Mack is driven by Jeff Kaskey and Ron Chaffee.

Passengers are students from the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center's new Centerstage East Bay Theater company. This is a student-led group who produced their first festival of short plays at the Bothwell Arts Center. The plays were written, directed, produced, and performed by local high school students.

#48  Hagemann Farm Hay Wagon
The final vehicle representing the Heritage Guild was formerly used as a hay wagon here in the valley and is pulled by a 1953 Case VA series tractor.

This historic vehicle can be seen on weekends at the Hagemann Farm at 455 Olivina Avenue.

The wagon riders today are a group from the Livermore Cultural Arts Council, which is made up of twenty cultural arts organizations. Representing the group today are Kathy Joseph-Stockman, Denise Leddon, and Jim Schmidt.

Again this year, LCAC is presenting a free 10-concert series called Tuesday Tunes. Starting June 11th at 6:45 in front of the Bankhead Theater, you'll find jazz, blues, soul, rock 'n roll, bebop, big band sounds, and more.





#49  David "Stilts" Volponi
Accompanying the Heritage Guild is David "Stilts" Volponi, a native of Livermore. His family settled here in the early 1890's.

David took his first steps on stilts here over 45 years ago, on Sherry Ct. He has since traveled the world entertaining and putting smiles on faces in over 1400 places worldwide.

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