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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2019
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#13  Miss Rowell Ranch Rodeo Queen for 2019, Katie Ward-Crummey
And here's the 2019 Miss Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo Queen, Katie Ward-Crummey.

Katie is a 22-year-old Medical Assistant from Acampo, California.

Riding along side her is the 2019 Rowell Ranch Jr Rodeo Queen, Olivia Sherman.




#14  Miss Gold country Pro rodeo Queen - Jackie Scarry
The 2019 Miss Gold Country Pro Rodeo Queen is Jackie Scarry.

She invites you to The Gold Country Pro Rodeo which is held in Auburn every April. She has come a long way to be in our parade.

We're delighted to have you!







#16  Livermore Chamber of Commerce
Celebrating our ranching and agricultural heritage today are members of the Livermore Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, aboard the Livermore Wine Trolley. We have here the Board of Directors, Ambassadors, and Livermore Valley's next young professional and staff. Yahoo!




#17  East Ave. Middle School Dolphin Band
The East Avenue Music Program has completed another wonderful year of music. They are so appreciative and grateful to the Livermore community for the unending support. Congratulations to our 8th grade students and families who will now make their way on to high school. And now, under the baton of Drum Major Lillie Voissem, here’s the East Avenue Dolphin Band playing Andrew Balent’s “Silver Eagle”.








#18  Rotary Club of Livermore President Kathy Coyle.
Here's Rotary's illustrious president for the year, Kathy Coyle!

Kathy has lived in Livermore for nearly 40 years. She and Pat have two children, Scott and Lizzie, plus daughter-in-law Amy. She has been a Rotarian for almost 20 years and is proud to represent the club as our President. We can say from experience that she's one of our most enthusiastic presidents.

Kathy is riding in 1964 Ford Galaxy 500, restored and proudly driven by Rotarian Ed Coats.



#19  Livermore Rodeo Parade Grand Marshall for 2019 Leo Croce.
The 2019 Livermore Rodeo Parade Grand Marshall is Leo Croce, a long-time member of our Rotary club. Due to health reasons, Leo is unable to attend, but he is here in spirit.

In his earlier days, Leo was an Eagle Scout and he was a World War II B-17 co-pilot. He flew on 35 missions. Returning home, he became a school teacher and served in our public schools for 41 years, retiring in 1973. He was a Superintendent of the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District for 16 years and to honor his service the Leo R. Croce Elementary School was named after him.

Sitting in for Leo today is the principal of Croce Elementary School, Kendra Helsley. She is riding in a 2010 Corvette driven by proud owner Marty Plone.



#20  Community Service Award: Officers Dave Martin and Matt Ishmael
Our Community Service Award recipients for this year are Livermore Police Officers Dave Martin, an officer for 20 years, and Matt Ishmael, an officer for 10 years. They're now both the creators and members of the LPD's new Homeless Liaison and Policing Team.

They are being honored for this and for their many years of service to our community.






#21  Rotary Foundation of Livermore
The Rotarian Foundation of Livermore awards grants on an annual basis to further projects which will leave a lasting positive impact on Livermore. This year's grants included a 3-day nature program for 4th graders; 100 bikes and helmets to needy people; dental, medical and optometry services for needy children; equipment for a new dental clinic at Axis Health; funding weekend bag lunches for 2500 children here in Livermore; and much more.

RFL president Ken Perine is riding in a Model A driven by Ruth McKernan



#22  Topcon Positioning Systems
Please welcome one of our Rotarian Foundation of Livermore sponsors, Topcon Positioning Systems. Livermore-based Topcon is taking the reins in advancing the way things are grown and built. Topcon solutions increase efficiency to meet the global demands for sustainable agriculture and infrastructure.




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