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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2011
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The rodeo parade is on Saturday morning of "Rodeo Weekend", which is the second weekend of June.  It is held on 2nd Street.  These pictures are from June 11, 2011.
Over 1500 photos were taken.  If you would like the photos of your entry, please email webservant@elivermore.com.  There is no charge.
All Photos by Bill Nale

Entries 214 to 220
Descriptions are from the Rodeo Parade Script that was used by the announcers.

214 through 217, Livermore Heritage Guild

#214 - Livermore Heritage Guild Livermore
Centennial Light Bulb Birthday Celebration

Our next entry is from the Livermore Heritage Guild and they want to know if you have ever sung happy birthday to a lite bulb? No? Well, you will soon have a chance to do just that. Livermore's world famous Centennial Light Bulb is 110 years old this year! The world premier of a new documentary about the light bulb will be shown on Friday, June 17, 2011 at the Vine Theater at 7:00 pm. Be sure to get your tickets and then on Saturday, June 18th, come to Fire Station 6 on East Avenue, have some cake, ice cream, listen to music, see displays, buy books about the bulb and sing happy birthday to Livermore's famous light bulb.

#215 - Livermore Heritage Guild's Livermore Fire Vehicle Collection,
1919 Model T
3rd Place -
Antique Vehicles

This tiny vehicle is Livermore's first motorized fire truck. It was built on a Ford Model T frame by the Chief of the Livermore Volunteer Fire Department who was also a mechanic at a garage on 2nd. Street. It was restored to operating condition by a small team of Livermore Heritage Guild volunteers led by Chuck McFann. Gary Bausch is the driver and his passengers are Christine Thompson and Chuck McFann on the tailgate.


#216 - Livermore Heritage Guild's Livermore Fire Vehicle Collection,
1920 Seagrave Fire Truck
1st Place -
Antique Vehicles

Our next entry is a 1920 Seagrave Fire Truck, Livermore's first commercially built fire truck. The Seagrave Truck was purchased shortly after the original St. Michaels Church burnt to the ground in 1916. The vehicle is being restored by 12 volunteers associated with the Livermore Heritage Guild. Restoration has been underway for 2 1/2 years and donations are continuing to be accepted to pay for the gold leaf decorations. The driver today is Irv Stowers and passenger is Will Bolton.

#217 - Livermore Heritage Guild's Livermore Fire Vehicle Collection,
1944 Mack Fire Engine

Another Livermore Heritage Guilds entry is this 1944 Mack Fire Truck. This was Livermore's 3rd. Commercially built fire truck (formerly called Engine 22). It has been refurbished and is maintained by volunteers of the Livermore Heritage Guild. It is being driven by Bill Junk, curator of the Duarte Garage on North "L" Sreet where all three fire trucks are housed. Bill's passengers are his daughter Susan Junk and President of the the Livermore Heritage Guild, Jeff Kaskey,


#218 - David "Stilts" Volponi,
Livermore Heritage Guild



Walking today for the Livermore Heritage Guild is David "Stilts" Volponi. David is a Livermore native whose family here goes back to the 1890's. He now resides in Groveland Ca. David started stilt walking as a 10 year old boy in 1972. He currently travels with the Cullpepper and Merriweather Circus where he's performed for the past 23 years. Today, David stands 10 feet tall while performing on 3.5 foot stilts.


#219 - 3 Stooges Fan Club
3rd Place -
Novelty Unit (Sr. 14 and over)

Get crazy for the award winning 3 Stooges Fan Club . The group features two of Robert Livermore's direct descendants doing the "Curly Shuffle", Jack Baird and Don Baird.

Jack Baird and Don Baird do the Curly Shuffle
They are both direct descendants of Robert Livermore



The "poke in the eye block"





#220 - Del Arroyo 4-H Club
2nd Place -
Novelty Unit (Jr. 13 and under)

Give a big hand for the Del Arroyo 4-H Club. They are a fun and exciting group of young kids who do everything under the sun. They have something for everyone. They volunteer for many different causes around town. They also teach art, animal care, citizenship, public speaking, cooking and archery.



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