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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2011
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The rodeo parade is on Saturday morning of "Rodeo Weekend", which is the second weekend of June.  It is held on 2nd Street.  These pictures are from June 11, 2011.
Over 1500 photos were taken.  If you would like the photos of your entry, please email webservant@elivermore.com.  There is no charge.
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Entries 201 to 207
Descriptions are from the Rodeo Parade Script that was used by the announcers.

#201 - Livermore Police Department

It has become a parade tradition to have the Livermore Police Department start our parade each year. The Department is proud to display their 1954 Chevrolet Panel Wagon used for Traffic Education in the community. The vehicle was built by and donated to the department by the Altamont Cruisers Car Club of Livermore. They remind you to buckle-up when driving, to stay safe for the Rodeo weekend.

#202 - VFW Post # 7265 Color Guard
2nd Place -
Color Guard (Senior)

Please stand and remove you hats in recognition of our National Colors, carried by The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Livermore Valley Post # 7265 Color Guard.

#203 - Alameda County Sheriff's Mounted Posse
1st Place -
Mounted Group (Senior)

Please welcome our very own Alameda County Sheriff's Mounted Posse. Established in 1941, they are an all volunteer organization led by Capt. Art Helwig. Under the direction of Sheriff Ahern, this group participates in many CSHA parades and provide horse patrols and the Oakland Raiders games and the Alameda County Fair. Their animals are specially trained for these functions. If you are interested in this group, please feel free to talk with any of their members.

#204 - U.S. Army 11th Cavalry Horse Detachment & Military Humvees

Next we have the Oldest Active Regiment in the United States Army. The 11th Cavalry Mounted Horse Detachment from Ft. Irwin, Calif. Returning for their third year, this regiment was formed in Feb. 1901 and has been active ever since. The Cavalry Unit will be performing at the Rodeo today and tomorrow. Come out and watch them perform old time cavalry skills on horseback. Also riding for the U.S. Army is Jason Voss. Jason performs at rodeos throughout the U.S and is sponsored by the U.S. Army 6th. Recruiting Brigade. We'd also like to thank the regiment members for traveling the long distance to be part of our Rodeo weekend.......... They are followed by Humvees from three branches of our armed services, the Army, the Marines and the National Guard. These vehicles are used for informational and recruiting purposes and are equipped with onboard video capabilities used to display information about each branch of service. The Army and Marine Humvees were provided courtesy of the Livermore recruiting offices. The National Guard Humvee is provided courtesy of Camp Parks. These vehicles will be on display at the Rodeo grounds today and tomorrow.



#205 - Livermore Rodeo Association Stage Coaches and Grand Marshal

These stage coaches belong to the Livermore Rodeo Association and have participated in the Rodeo Parade for many years, almost from the beginning. The Rodeo started in 1918 as a fundraiser to contribute to the Red Cross while World War- 1 was still raging in Europe. Many of the Rodeo's original founding families are still involved today. The Rodeo Association invites all of you to come out and see the "Worlds Fastest Rodeo" at Robertson Park, 3PM sharp, today and tomorrow..... Riding shotgun on the Large Stage Coach is our 2011 Parade Grand Marshal, Mr. Lucky Gravette. Lucky and his family have lived in the Livermore Valley for over 50 years. He is heavily involved in the local ranching community and our annual Rodeo. He is the Past President of the Alameda Contra Costa Cattlemen's Association and served on committees for the California Cattlemen's Association. Lucky has mentored many young cowboys and rodeo riders and he continues to participate in many of the Rodeo competitions. He is active in helping fellow ranchers and exhibits the true spirit of the rancher and rodeo participant in the Livermore Valley. Through his many efforts he has demonstrated himself as a gracious gentleman, interested in bettering our youth, the cattle industry and preserving the "Cowboy Way". Lucky's family members are in the coach. Thank you Lucky, for all you have done for our hometown over the years!



Snow Cone Customers



#206 - Livermore Stockman's Rodeo Assn./ Livermore Rodeo Foundation Presidents

Please give a big welcome to our 2011 Livermore Stockmans's Rodeo Association President, Stan Kueffer. He is accompanied by the 2011 Livermore Rodeo Foundation President, Kathleen Minser. Both are long time Livermore residents. Stan has been involved in the Rodeo for 19 years, served on several committees and has been instrumental in the success of the Major Sponsors and VIP Committees. Kathleen has be involved in the Rodeo for 10 years working several committees and became the President of the newly formed Rodeo Foundation in 2008. Stan and Kathleen are honored to serve as Presidents this year and they wish to thank the Directors, Associate Directors, past Directors and the volunteers who who have worked hard to form the two amazing organizations, create this new unique partnership and continue to keep the spirit and traditions of the Livermore Rodeo alive. They look forward to seeing all the Rodeo fans this weekend at the 93rd "Worlds Fastest Rodeo"! They are being driven by Donna Flanigan of Flanigan's Livestock Ranch.

#207 - Livermore Rodeo "Hoosegow"

And now, for those who remember and those who don't know, we have the Livermore Rodeo Hoosegow ( American slang for the Spanish word for Jail). Used during the Rodeo celebrations in the 1950's, 60's and 70's, this portable jail was used to patrol First Street and anyone found not wearing western attire was "thrown in the Hoosegow". Rodeo association members took turns driving the Hoosegow and the jail was re-built and restored by lifelong Livermore resident John Greci. Portions of the Hoosegow are from parts of the former county jail at Santa Rita. Anyone who might like to try out a visit to the Hoosegow is welcome to jump in it out at the Rodeo Grounds this weekend. Just remember, they only have one jail key and it is not always known who has it.

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