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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2011
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The rodeo parade is on Saturday morning of "Rodeo Weekend", which is the second weekend of June.  It is held on 2nd Street.  These pictures are from June 11, 2011.
Over 1500 photos were taken.  If you would like the photos of your entry, please email webservant@elivermore.com.  There is no charge.
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Entries 208 to 213
Descriptions are from the Rodeo Parade Script that was used by the announcers.

#208 - 1923 Doane Truck

Please give a warm welcome to Don Podesta, an immediate Past President of the Livermore Stockman's Rodeo Association . Don has brought us his 1923 DOANE, chain driven truck. The truck was built in San Francisco and was used there to haul freight from the docks. The truck was used until 1962 and is one of only 23, known to still exist from the DOANE Company. Don fully restored the truck and it will be on display at the Rodeo Grounds this weekend. Don hopes to see you all at the Rodeo today at 3:00 pm. Have a great day at the Rodeo, Don!



 #209 - Livermore Rotary Club President

Please join us in giving a big hand for our Rotary Club President this year, Mr. David Mertes. David is a former California Junior College State Chancellor and along with his wife, a former Grand Marshal of this parade. David is accompanied today by his wife, Barbara. Dave has been a truly outstanding Rotary Club President this year and he hopes you all enjoy today's Rodeo Parade, sponsored by the Livermore Rotary Club.


#211 - Cooleykatz Toys
1st Place -

The next entry is a life-size toy wind-up car. Actually, a replica of a 1927 Bugatti, built by the owners of CooleyKatz Toys store, Pat and Nita Cooley of Livermore. Cooleykatz Toys has been Livermore's "old-school" specialty and educational toy store for almost five years now! The readers of Bay Area Parent's Magazine voted them the "Best Place To Buy A Birthday Present" for the last two years in a row! Whether you are looking for toys, games, puzzles, books or fun for all ages, come take a nostalgic stroll down memory lane...they are located right here on Second Street. COOLEYKATZ TOYS..."fun for growing minds".


#212 - 1942 Classic U.S. Army Jeep

This next vehicle is a 1942 U.S. Army Jeep driven by Ken Nather and accompanied by Army Veterans of WW-II, Korea and Vietnam. Ken served during WW-II and Korea. The front passenger is Father Leo Arrowsmith who made a combat jump on Feb. 2, 1944, South of Manila in the Phillippines with the 11th Airborne Division, 511th Parachute Infintry Regiment. Ken was in the same 11th Airborne Regiment three years later at Hachinohe, Japan. In the back seat is Pat Bitz, 4th Infintry Division, who served in 1970 at Central Highlands, Pleiku, Vietnam. Accompanying the veterans is Ken's 11 year old Grandson Austin Evernham.



#213 - Granada HS Matador Marching Band
Our next group is the Granada High School Matador Marching Band. Playing a number composed by J. Oro Hume, they are led by Drum Major Amanda McNary, Color Guard Captain Michaela O'Rouke and Drum Major Dev Patel. The Matador Band is proud to be here performing for their home town audience.







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