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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2010
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The rodeo parade is on Saturday morning of "Rodeo Weekend", which is the second weekend of June.  It is held on 2nd Street.  These pictures are from June 12, 2010.
Over 1000 photos were taken.  If you would like the photos of your entry, please email webservant@elivermore.com.  There is no charge.
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Entries 157 to 161
Descriptions are from the Rodeo Parade Script that was used by the announcers.

#157 - American Swim Academy
First Place, Commercial (see awards section)


The American Swim Academy has been teaching water safety in the community for over 37 years. Here today is the Swim Academy Mascot "Dolphie" and many of the families who take swim lessons throughout the year. American Swim Academy teaches classes year round in their indoor, heated facility located on Old First Street here in Livermore. American Swim Academy- the Bay Area's trusted swim school since 1973! Call 1-800-810-SWIM for more information about our year round indoor classes.

#158 - Diablo Ladies Rodeo Drill Team
They started in 1996 as a way for horse women to meet others and introduce drill to the general public. They perform all over Northern California.
Third Place, Mounted Group Senior (see awards section)


#159 - Livermore Rotary Club President - Bill Nebo

Bill is a the former Minister of First Presbyterian Church and former parade Community Service Award recipient. Bill is accompanied today by his wife Jane. Bill has been a truly outstanding Rotary Club President this year and he hopes you all enjoy today's Rodeo Parade, sponsored by the Livermore Rotary Club. Our dignitary cars today were provided by members of the Diablo Valley Mustang Association. Driving our Rotary President today is Mr. Larry Booth in his 2007 Roush Mustang convertible.


#160 - Tri-Valley Cares

Tri-Valley cares theme today is "Dangers of Radiation". Tri-Valley Cares monitors nuclear weapons and environmental clean-up activities at the Livermore Lab. The group's entry highlights why we should stop developing nuclear weapons. It shows how radioactive pollution effects the Livermore community. Tri-Valley CARES has monthly meetings, open to the public.


More snow cones!!

#161 - Shriners-on-Parade
The Shriners COLOR GUARD AND MARCHING PATROL Has been in existence since 1910. This unit is one of many that support the Shriners hospitals for children in North America. The Captain of the Color Guard this year is DAVE JENSEN.

The LEGION OF HONOR is a unit composed of Veterans from World War II, the Korean Conflict and the Viet Nam War. The Legion of Honor is led by Commander Russ Kennedy.




“We ride so a Child may walk.” is the motto that indicates the purpose and dedication of the Aahmes Motorcycle Patrol.
President of this unit is Steve Huddleston.

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