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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2023
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Entries 38-43

#38 - US Military Armed Forces
First Place - Color Guard (Military)

Representing our active duty military personnel are representatives from the Livermore recruiting offices on, murrietta avenue, of the army, marines, and navy. Please show them your support.

#39 - M.A.S.H. Jeep
Third Place - Antique Vehicles

This 1944 WW2 Jeep was used in the 20th Century Fox TV series M*A*S*H., but today we are supporting the National POW/MIA Memorial. The Museum is now in phase 1 construction in Florida.”We shall never forget”.


#40 - Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA)
Now passing the reviewing stand is a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, you may know it as a Humvee from Parks Reserve Forces Training Area in Dublin, California. Camp Parks is celebrating its 80th Anniversary this year. Driving the vehicle today is Sergeant First Class Robert Cornett and in the turret waving hello is Camp Parks Garrison Commander Lieutenant Colonel Marisol Chalas. Lieutenant Colonel Chalas would like to thank everyone in attendance today and the great city of Livermore for their support of the United States Armed Forces.


#40A - World War II Jeep and Truck-"Freedom Is Not Free"
From World War II, a 1943 Gun Jeep made by the Ford Motor Car Company. It is equipped with a 30 caliber gun, small arms and radios. Driven By Retired Sergeant; John Bodnar. Never forget that "Freedom Is not Free", Next we have Mike Antonelli's driving a Chevy 1 1/4 Ton 1941 Truck. This truck is like the ones used on the trip from India to China to supply the Chinese against the Japanese in World War II over the Burma Road.


#41 - Livermore Post 47 American Legion and the Branch 287 Fleet Reserve Association
Second - Color Guard (Senior)

The American Legion is a congressionally chartered patriotic veteran’s organization in existence since 1919. It is committed to mentoring and sponsoring youth programs in the community, advocating honor and patriotism, promoting a strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans. Livermore Post 47 is one of the oldest in California. Post 47 meets at the Veterans Memorial Building on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month. If you are interested in helping your fellow veterans, your community, and especially local school children, you can do that with your fellow veterans at Post 47. Community service includes sponsoring Scout units, like Mighty 914 Cub Pack.


#42 - Merced County Sheriff Posse
First Place - Sheriff's Posse
Equestrian Sweepstakes Award

The Merced County Sheriff’s Posse was organized in 1943. They are an all Sterling Silver Mounted Group. They are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. They serve as "Goodwill" ambassadors representing Merced County and the State of California. They have traveled to many parades including the; Rose Bowl, the Presidential Inaugural Parade, the Reno and Salinas parades just to name a few. The officers of the Merced County Sheriff Posse are: Captain Julie Gonsalves; 1st Lieutenant Eric Gonsalves; 2nd Lieutenant Laurette Locke; Trail Master Juanita Ellington.




#43 - Alameda County Cattlewomen
Third Place - Amateur Float

Alameda County Cattlewomen …promote nutritious beef full of iron, zinc, B vitamins and iron giving stamina for your summer vibes. Horseback is Megan. On the float are President, Nancy Mueller; past president, Karen Sweet; Jenn Bettincourt; Tina Newsom; Christine Andreotti; Ketcher Fields; Goff Family; and the Bobby DeMaria family.




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