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2009 Livermore Rodeo
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Wild Cow Milking

In this event, the rider will rope the cow around the neck.
The "mugger" will then run in from the side and attempt to stabilize the cow by holding it in what looks like a head lock.
The rider dismounts and milks the cow into an empty water bottle.
He then runs back to the side of the arena with the milk to stop the clock.
The bottle is then checked for milk.

That is when all goes well.
The following photos are all from the same attempt.
The cow was not very cooperative, but the cowboys were VERY persistent.
The total time form my first to last photo was 1 minute, 39 seconds.  The actual time was probably several seconds longer as my first photo is well after the gate opened.


The cow looks deceptively docile in this photo

Picking up a little steam as she is roped.


The mugger attempt to stabilize the cow.

So far so good.

The cow strikes back...



Getting dragged around.

A little cow surfing


But they haven't given up yet.

Finally the opportunity to milk the cow.

Checking for milk...

...not real sure...

Crossing the line to stop the clock.

Anything in there??....
I believe they did not find any milk... after all of that effort!!

All photos by Bill Nale of eLivermore.com
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