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Madden-Mariucci Charity Bocce Tournament
2010 Page

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2010 Tournament Pages
Page 1: Background
Page 2: The Opening
Page 3: The Bocce Begins
Page 4: Preliminary Rounds
Page 5: Preliminary Rounds
Page 6: Preliminary Rounds
Page 7: Preliminary Rounds
Page 8: Preliminary Rounds
Page 9: The Live Auction
Page 10: Quarter Finals
Page 11: Semi-Finals
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The 12th annual Madden-Mariucci Charity Bocce Tournament
June 2, 2010

The Quarter Finals
Mooch's Gumbas vs. The Rose Hotel
Ponderosa Rollers vs. Club Sport
Dogs of War vs. Gratte Balle
Heritage Bank vs. FB Boosters



Peggy Flemming











Mike Madden talks with Ronnie Lott



Peggy Flemming rolls for The Rose Hotel

The score was a tie, so they went to a single ball roll-off
The pallino was placed at the center of the court.
One player from each team rolled a single ball.  The closest to the pallino wins.
Steve Mariucci rolls for Mooch's Gumbas




He was happy with his roll

Mike Madden rolls for the Rose Hotel.  He was quite long, so Mooch's Gumbas advanced to the Semis

Mike Madden

Peggy Flemming

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