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Madden-Mariucci Charity Bocce Tournament
2010 Page

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2010 Tournament Pages
Page 1: Background
Page 2: The Opening
Page 3: The Bocce Begins
Page 4: Preliminary Rounds
Page 5: Preliminary Rounds
Page 6: Preliminary Rounds
Page 7: Preliminary Rounds
Page 8: Preliminary Rounds
Page 9: The Live Auction
Page 10: Quarter Finals
Page 11: Semi-Finals
Page 12: Finals & Awards

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The 12th annual Madden-Mariucci Charity Bocce Tournament
June 2, 2010

The Opening

Mike Nicosia and Mario Veltri

Steve Bitker and Stan Bunger of KCBS.




The Warrior Girls
Golden State Warriors Cheer squad.

Two 12 Liter bottles of wine.
The McGrail bottle was auctioned during the live auction.
It acquired numerous autographs by that time.
The Ruby Hill Winery is right across the street from Campo di Bocce
It's original location was about 3/4 mile to the west (see photos and history here)

The other side of the Ruby Hill bottle.
The McGrail bottle is identical.

The Arbitro (referee) Staff

John Madden and Steve Mariucci provide some opening remarks,
and a few jabs at each other's bocce skills.



I don't remember what it was, but a comment was just made at Steve's expense.

Ben Musolf, C.O.O of Campo di Bocce, Master of Ceremonies,
and the head Arbitro (ref) goes over the rules for the matches

The singing of the National Anthem

The Arbitro Staff joined by John and Steve

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All Photos by Bill Nale
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