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Christmas in Livermore
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East First Street, North Side.   12/27/06
The Bank of Italy building on the left, followed by the new buildings in the "Dutcher's Hardware" area. 
On the right is the Livermore Cinema sign at the movie theater.

Christmas at the Fountain on Flagpole Plaza.  12/27/06
The Livermore Cinema sign and the Livermore Christmas Tree can be seen on each side of the water.

Main Street Designs Christmas Store and the Bank of Italy Building.  12/27/06

South Livermore Ave.  12/27/06
The post office is in the center.  Several Snowflake lights can be seen on light poles.
The snowflake lights were throughout downtown in previous years, but are not used in the renovated portion anymore.

The Livermore Christmas Tree  12/27/06

The Livermore Cinema from the opposite corner.  12/27/06
See the Livermore Cinema Pages, including a look inside the Projection Room

The Livermore Cinema from across Railroad Ave.   12/27/06


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