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Livermore Cinema
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Digital Theater in Livermore

Livermore Cinemas opened on December 15, 2006 in the Golden Triangle of Livermore.
There are 10 theaters currently open, with three additional theaters opening in the spring of 2007.
8 of the 10 theaters use digital projectors while 2 are using 35mm film.

See what is playing on the Cinema West Web Site

See inside the theater, and the Projection Room on the follow on pages
or view the construction progress from the start.

The front of the Livermore Cinemas.  Theaters 10 and 9 are on the right side, with the Livermore parking garage on the far right.  1/5/07

A similar view that same night.  1/5/07

The Cinema Lobby, looking to the entrance.

The lobby, looking toward the game area
The lights on the ceiling are not neon, but are LED ropes.


Snack Bar, taken from the entrance.  The theaters are to the right.

A night view, where the reflections of the "Refreshments" sign can be seen.
The upper "Refreshments" is the real sign.
Below it is a reflection from the mirror behind.
At the bottom is the reflection from the floor.

The Cinema Lobby, looking toward the theater entrance.
The three additional theaters will be on the 2nd level when they open.


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