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Raboli, Pioneer, Chateau Bellevue Wineries and a Postcard


Raboli Winery, corner 2nd St. & K.  Knodt's Flowers occupies this building now. About 1935  The Wolfmeier house is on the left.

Pioneer Winery
The sign on the right building reads "California Wine Association - Pioneer Winerey" (with the extra &qquot;e").
The sign is difficult to read even when zooming on the full resolution picture, although the "Pioneer Winerey" portion (with the extra "e") is reasonably clear.
The Pioneer Winery was located about where the Bank of America is now, on Railroad Ave.
A set of railroad tracks goes in front of the building (can be seen on the left).
Aerial photos of about 1960 appear to show the building on the right only.
The Livermore Barrel Company was later in the building at the right.

Livermore Barrel Factory (Canton Barrel Factory), in the building of the former Pioneer Winery.  On the north side of Railroad Ave between N and O, where the Bank of America is now, 1939-1940. Ernest Cigliuti 2nd from right.
Sign at far right: "Office of Canton Barrel Inc Livermore Branch".
The barrels are on SP 49568 railroad car.  "Capy 100,000"

Residence of Alexander Duvall, of Chateau Bellevue Winery in 1896.  Three winery buildings were also constructed, 2 of which were the home of Thomas Coyne Winery for many years.  The house was built in 1886 and razed in the 1940s.

Post card "Beautiful California. Wine Industry, Grapes arriving at Winery." June 30, 1910 post mark. One cent postage

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