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Cresta Blanca

Cresta Blanca information on the web:
Article on Charles Wetmore
LHG newsletter about the winery in the 1940s
Wine Label
The Livermore Heritage Guild has a publications about Charles Wetmore and Cresta Blanca.  See the Publications List

This 1896 photo is labeled as the Cresta Blanca Farm.  It is was taken from a hill just west of the winery, looking south.  The winery is not shown, and would be to the left of the photo.  On the right, beyond the house is the site of the future Arroyo Sanitarium. The gap in the hill on the right is now the location of the Del Valle Dam.

Cresta Blanca hill, inspiring the name of the Winery. Taken from the Arroyo del Valle creek bed in 1897.  The winery is behind the trees on the right.

The wine tunnels dug into the hillside at Cresta Blanca in 1911. Left: Clarence Wetmore, Right: Frank Minoggio


Clarence Wetmore standing near the wine press that made the wine for the Paris Exposition. The Charles Wetmore house (at Cresta Blanca Winery) is in the background.


Arroyo Rd at entrance to Cresta Blanca

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