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From Signals to Switches

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Signal to Switches and other Railroad Pages

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From Signals to Switches
Valley Railroad History
At the Museum On Main Street
by the Amador-Livermore Valley Historical Society and
Pacific Locomotive Association
Open 11am to 4pm Wednesday through Saturday
1pm to 4pm Sunday
603 Main Street, Pleasanton
(925) 462-2766

From May 1 to September 12, 2004, the Museum on Main Street in Pleasanton has a display on railroads in the valley.
Each month there will be a separate Model Railroad on display:
May - European Train Enthusiasts
June 10 to July 11 - Bay Area Lego User Group
July24 to Aug 1 - Golden Gate Lionel Model RR Club
August - Bay Area FreeMo Model RR Club

Various relays used to control railroad signals.  Buttons in the photo below allow you to control the relays, and a signal light.


Items from rail cars and stations, and a schedule, probably for the Central Pacific, including stops in the valley.

This display shows how the size of track has changed over time.  Each is an 18" section of rail, but one weighs 28 pounds, and the other 68 pounds.  Each is suspended on chains, allowing you to lift them.

Lanterns from the railroads.


An example how rails, tie plates, ties, and ballast are arranged.  A spike puller and a rail jack are shown.   Provided by the Niles Canyon Railway.

Older, smaller rail, with no tie plates