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Mt. Diablo Beacon
and Pearl Harbor Ceremony 2012
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Page 4 - Remembering Pearl Harbor - by Captain Charles Burbage
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Page 8 - 2012 Ceremony Opening Comments & Speaker
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The Mt. Diablo Beacon before being lit.



Wayne Korsinen, Chairman of the Pearl Harbor Day Ceremony

Roland Gaebert, Superintendent, Mt. Diablo State Park
providing opening remarks



 Danita Rodriguez
Superintendent of Diablo Vista Parks District

Major General Anthony Jackson
Director of California State Parks


Historical Forces Association presented the Colors.

Superintendent Roland Gaebert offers his hat as a poduim.


The Main Speaker:
Rear Admiral Mary P. O'Donnell.
U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area
Serves on the Military Leadership and Diversity Commission.
Her talk was "Heros of World War II".




Honor, Respect, and Devotion of Duty Coin, given out to the Pearl Harbor Veterans.

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All photos by Bill Nale of eLivermore.com