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California Independent Film Festival 2008
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Penny Marshall and John Madden
April 17, 2008

The chalk board on the stage, showing a football play from a charity football event.
It shows Billy Crystal throwing a pass to Penny Marshall who is then tackled by Steve Garvey.

John Madden calls in to KCBS each weekday morning at about 8:15am for a chat with Steve Bitker, Stan Bunger, and Susan Leigh Taylor.  On Wednesday morning, Al Hart joins them.  The topic is generally recent sports news, but it could lead to almost anything.  It is always interesting and entertaining (edited versions replay at 9:15, 3:15, and 5:15).

A few weeks before the CIFF event captured here, the discussion was about Billy Crystal signing a 1 day contract with the Yankees to bat in a pre-season game.  This lead to a discussion of a Celebrity Football Game years ago in which John Madden was one coach and George Allen was the other.  There were two athletes involved and John got first pick.  He chose Wilt Chamberlain over Steve Garvey, which he said was a mistake.  Wilt spent the whole game signing autographs and talking to people.  Steve Garvey played "like it was the superbowl".

Steve Garvey blitzed on every play, not giving Billy Crystal much time to throw the ball.  Penny Marshall was in the backfield and would get run over by Garvey on almost every play.

In a discussion several days later, they got Steve Garvey to call in to talk about it.  You can listen to these on the KCBS Sports Page by going to www.KCBS.com, and clicking on the Sports Fans Page link on the left (down a ways).  In the middle, in "The Daily Madden" section is a text link for "Click here for photos of John and Penny Marshall at the California Independent Film Festival".  Try this link to get there directly.  That will take you to a page with links to the audio of the call in.  The photos shown are from eLivermore.com.

The Film Festival discussion lead off with this story, and the chalk board play on the photo at the left was behind them.











The stage before the presentation

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