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Alden Lane Fall Festival
2002, Page 2

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Alden Land Fall Festival, October 27, 2002


The engines in the first three pictures were provided by the VanArkel and Hole families of Livermore.

Sign for this engine reads:
1900 Peerless 2 1/2 Horsepower Baker and Hamilton Engine
Located on a Livermore ranch about 1972.  Patience and many long hours were
spent restoring the Peerless as it both looks and runs today.  It was formerly used
on farmsto take care of tasks like pumping water, running machinery, or powering
corn grinders similar to the one it's powering today.


Sign for this engine reads:
1915 Monitor 1 1/4 Horsepower
Found on a ranch in Livermore California.
The engine was taken completely apart, sandblasted, filled with putty,
sanded, then painted.  The engine may have formerly been used on a
farm to run a pumpjack for water or a cream separator.

Corn husker.

Walnut hulling machine.

1920's Antique Broom Maker.


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