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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2022
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Entries 39 - 43

#39 - Reins in Motion Foundation

Reins In Motion Foundation is a nonprofit organization supporting the Livermore and Tri Valley communities. They provide equine therapy for special needs children and adults. They also run a veteran’s program called Reins for Heroes. Their organization is located in Livermore on Tesla Road. They are currently looking for funding to introduce an early intervention program for children ages 2 to 4.

Their annual fundraiser will be held October 1 here in Livermore at the Veterans Memorial building.

#39A - Billings Equestrian - Local Horse Riding School
2nd Place: Amateur Float

Billings Equestrian offers services to both dressage and western pleasure students. Enjoy riding lessons and training at its beautiful state-of-the-art facility at The Ranch at Birch Creek here in Livermore. Riders and their guests will completely enjoy their experience and time in the saddle.



#40 - Visiting Angels, Senior Home Care

Our next entry is from the Visiting Angels, Senior Homecare, located here in Livermore.

Rotarian Keith Beck is driving a restored 1966 Ford step-side pick-up. This was Keith's father’s farm truck and was used to haul hay, hogs and other livestock on his dad's ranch in Texas. Keith brought the pick-up to California in 2009 after his father passed away, and has been restoring it. Besides now having a high-performance V-8 engine with dual exhaust, Keith enjoys retaining the original look of the pickup. He calls it the "66 Angel" and drives it in special events like today's parade.

#41 - 56 Chevy Corvette
1st Place: Classic & Custom Vehicles

Welcome Arnold and Carol Clobes in their beautiful 56 Chevy Corvette convertible. The car’s name is Adele and she has been fully restored to the original by California Corvettes of Carmichael CA. Arnold has owned the car since 1963. It has been a life-long dream of his to have it restored.





#42 - Livermore Bulls Football and Cheer

Here come the Livermore Bulls Football and Cheer! Livermore’s updated and SAFER tackle football program. Registration is still open for all boys and girls. Go Bulls!”










#43 - Livermore Schools Combined Middle School Bands

The Livermore Middle School Advanced Bands have joined forces this year in their return to the Rodeo Parade. They have enjoyed being back and making music for an audience. They’d like to thank the community for their steadfast support during these last two years. Also, a hearty congratulation to Mendenhall Music director Ms. Fosselman as she retires. Thanks for your many years of service to the district.

And now, here are the Livermore Middle Schools Advanced Bands playing “Silver Eagle” by Andrew Balent.








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