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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2014
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Entries 45 - 50

45 - 1946 Chevy Truck
3rd Place - Antique Vehicles


Please Welcome Jay Brown and his1946 2-ton Chevy Truck. This truck was built in Oakland, and spent its entire life working in the Livermore and Central Valley. Under the hood is a 1955 six cylinder engine with lots of early 1950s vintage hot rod parts. Itís capable of hauling 5 tons, but spends most of its energy just running errands around the Bay Area. It's still used daily.



46 - Cactus Corners Youth Square Dancers
1st Place - Amateur Float


Three Cheers for the red, white and blue! The Cactus Corners Youth Square Dancers present a slice of our history, square dancing - the American folk dance. From the settlers crossing the plains, to 4th of July celebrations in town squares, to modern-day hoedowns, square dancing is an American tradition. These dancers are youth from all over the Bay Area from age 7 to 19 years old. Their caller and instructor is Ed Kuidis.






47 - Tri-Valley Cares
2nd Place - Novelty Unit (Senior)


Here we have Tri Valley Cares. Their parade entry illustrates the danger they see in transporting nuclear bomb cores on public highways from New Mexico to Livermore for testing on a diagnostic machine at Livermore Lab. They believe that safer alternatives exist. The machine could be sent to Los Alamos instead of trucking the bomb cores here. A small group of Livermore residents founded Tri-Valley Cares more than 30 years ago and they've participated in the Livermore Rotary Rodeo Parade nearly every year since 1983. You can find information at their website at www.trivalleycares.org.





48 - West Coast Soccer


Where do you want to go? West Coast Soccer, the most successful soccer club in Livermore! In just four short years West Coast Soccer has accomplished remarkable feats: 1 National Title, 3 National Finalists, 4 State Cups, 3 Premier State Cups, 50 tournament championships and have over 30 players committed to college on a soccer scholarship! Come watch the action as these college athletes play for West Coastís Womenís Premier League team this summer! For game schedules and more details about West Coastís programs, soccer camps, and teams, visit their website at www.westcoastsoccerclub.com.



49 - Granada HS Cheer Team
1st Place - Majorette Corps/Drill Team. (Junior)


Welcome the Granada High School Cheerleaders! Granada High is pleased to announce that in the coming school year they'll be having three squads of dedicated, and committed young ladies. They not only plan on raising school spirit, but they'll be helping the Livermore community with philanthropic activities. Leading the Granada High School Cheerleaders this year will be Head Coach, Paula Bellas, and Assitant Coach, Lizzy Martinez.









50 - Granada HS Matador Marching Band


The Granada High School Matador Marching Band is delighted to participate in the annual Livermore Rodeo Parade! The band has had an exciting year; winning top honors at the NCBA competition last Fall, celebrating Granada High School's 50th anniversary, participating in the Opening Ceremony of the Tri Valley Special Olympics, and supporting our community at various events during the year. A big thanks to all those who made today happen, especially the many high school seniors who are performing today after the traditiional revelry following their Graduation Ceremony last night!








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