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Livermore Rodeo Parade 2014
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The Parade Approaches

#1 - Livermore Police Department


It has become a parade tradition to have the Livermore Police Department start our parade each year. The Livermore Police Department’s motorcycle unit was established in 1999 and is currently staffed with 3 Motor Officers. The Department is proud to display "Car 54", their 1954 Chevrolet Panel Wagon used for Traffic Education in the community. Car 54 was donated to the Livermore Police Department years ago by the Altamont Cruisers and has been part of many community presentations including the annual parade. The Livermore Police Department would like to remind you to buckle-up when driving, And to stay safe for this week's Livermore Rodeo.


#2 - VFW Post # 7265 Color Guard
2nd Place - Color Guard (Senior)


Please stand and remove your hats in recognition of our National Colors. They are carried by the Color Guard for the Livermore Valley Post #7265, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America. The Color Guard is led by Quartermaster: Bob Rochin. Members are Keith Andersen, Merv Frydendal, Connie Frydendal, John Carstensen. These last 4 proudly admit they are all over 80 years of age.


#3 - Alameda County Sheriff's Mounted Posse
1st Place - Mounted Group (Senior)


Please welcome our very own Alameda County Sheriff's Mounted Posse. Established in 1941, they are an all-volunteer organization led by Captain Linda Post. Under the direction of Alameda County Sheriff Gregory J Ahern, this group is assigned to the Office of Emergency Services and helps in both law enforcement and in community events. Their animals are specially trained for these functions. If you are interested in joining this group, please feel free to talk with any of their members after the parade.



#4 - Livermore Stockman's Rodeo Assn./ Livermore Rodeo Foundation Presidents

Here come the official representatives of the Livermore Rodeo! The 2014 Livermore Stockmen’s Rodeo Association President, John Goltz, and the Livermore Rodeo Foundation President, Kathleen Minser, are both longtime Livermore residents and have been a part of the Rodeo for 15-years. They are riding in a 1930 Rat Rod, driven by Rodeo Director Donny Perry. John and Kathleen are proud of the unique partnership that has been created between their two organizations. They lead us in thanking all the directors and volunteers for their hard work to keep the spirit and tradition of the Livermore Rodeo alive.

#5 - Livermore Rodeo 1st Stage Coach

Next we have the first of two Historic Livermore Rodeo stagecoaches. Riding on top is Rachael Snedecor, Executive Director of Livermore Downtown Inc.
Inside the stagecoach we have Rodeo Director Christie Letak Rodeo Queen Coordinator Kim Connors. LDI President – Crystal Burke, from Action Ad Tri Valley Vice President – Sherry Nigg, a downtown property owner Secretary – Liz Roberts, Livermore School of Dance Treasurer – Karen Long, from Landmark Mortgage Past President – Ivy Faught, from Simply Fondue Board Member – Derek Eddy, Purple Orchid Inn Board Member – Robert Armstrong, Double Barrel Wine Bar


#6 - Livermore Rodeo 2nd Stage Coach

The 2nd. stagecoach from the Livermore Rodeo is carrying the parents of legendary bull rider, Lane Frost. Lane's bull-riding career was chronicled in the 1994 movie, "8 Seconds." Riding along with Clyde & Elise Frost are Lin & Donald Tobin. Lin's grandfather founded the Livermore Sanatorium in 1887 and her father managed the Sanatorium, which closed in 1965. Much of the family's land was sold to Livermore, with the condition that the area would be for rodeo and equestrian use, with the park named after the family. The people of Livermore are very fortunate to have "Robertson Park" to enjoy today.





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