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The "Polar Express" Christmas trains.
The Niles Canyon Railway has special runs in the evenings on the weekends in December.  In 2002 the times were 4:30PM and 7:30PM
The trains are decorated with thousands of lights, and are about double the normal length to accommodate additional people.
These pictures were taken December 27, 2002 on the 4:30 run.

The 4:30 run starts in daylight, allowing you can see the scenery on the westward half of the run.  It is dark for the eastward half, giving the full effect of the lights, but not very much scenery other than Christmas lights on a few houses.  This provides a nice balance.  The 7:30 run will be dark in both directions.

These trains are very popular.  The runs prior to Christmas tend to sell out early.  Check the Niles Canyon Railway web site for details.

These pictures were taken without the use of a tripod, so the night shots are a bit blurry.

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I did not have my Tripod with me this year.  See the next page for the 2003 photos, which are much better.

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