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Niles Canyon Railway
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Alameda Creek from the eastern bridge.

The Niles Brick Factory, built 1849-1851 near the west end of the canyon.  A view from the other side from the ACE train is available by clicking here.  The best view is here from the Niles Canyon Railway, since the trees obscure it from the ACE train side.
The following link gives information and pictures of its deconstruction, long after operations ended: Deconstruction of brick Factory.

The train at the Sunol station, getting ready for the next trip.

The Plaque reads (line for line):

Niles Canyon Railway

In 1869 the first transcontinental Railroad
passed this spot on its way to the shore of the
San Francisco Bay.  In 1984 the Southern Pacific
Railroad abandoned this historic line between
Niles and Tracy, California.

Volunteers of the Pacific Locomotive Associ-
ation have rebuilt the portion of the line between
Sunol and Niles, so that future generations may
enjoy a ride over this important line in America's
railroad heritage.

Dedicated Commemorate the one hundred and
twenty-fifth anniversary of the completion of the
original Transcontinental Railroad.

September 10, 1994
Joaquin Murrieta Chapter 13
E Clampus Vitus

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