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Tri-Valley Overview

Weather, Parking, Hotels, Safety, etc.

Livermore Visitors Guide

Things to do, Places to see

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This page is designed to have information of interest to visitors, with links to the more detailed information both within this site and other web sites.



Tri-Valley Overview

General Information Climate & Weather Maps Hotels
Community Calendars Safety Parking Wireless Hotspots
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The Tri-Valley is located over the hills, east of Oakland, or about 30 miles east of San Francisco.


Demographics and General Information

Demographics and census data can be found Here, on our General Information Page.

Community Calendars

eLivermore.com contains a community calendar for the Tri-Valley area.  They include community events, performances, shows, and other activities.  Also shown are the sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset for each day.  Each item links to a description with times and locations, as well as links to the sponsor.  Select the month below.

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August 2008 Feb 2009 August 2009
Sept 2008 March 2009 Sept 2009
Oct 2008 April 2009 Oct 2009
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Dec 2008 June 2009 Dec 2009

Climate and Weather

The rainy season is from October through May, with most of the rain in the winter months of December through March.  Rain in the summer is very rare.  The area gets about 14.5 inches of rain per year.  Because of this rainfall pattern, the hills surrounding the valley are green in the winter, and turn golden brown in the summer.

High temperatures in the winter are generally in the 50s or 60s.  There are generally more sunny days than rainy days, even in the winter months.  Bike riding and hiking are common winter events.

In the summer the highs are in the 80s and 90s, but it can easily get over 100.  It is much warmer in the summer in the Tri-Valley than near the bay.  It is not unusual for there to be over a 30 degree difference between the high temperatures of the Tri-Valley and San Francisco.

See our Weather Page for detailed rainfall information, both for this year, and historical.


The Tri-Valley area has a very low crime rate.  It is generally quite safe to walk around downtown day or night.  Tri-Valley cities are consistently near the bottom for crime rates for the country.


The Tri-Valley cities can be found in the Thomas Guide Metropolitan Bay Area map book, and also in the Thomas Guide Alameda County book.  The County version includes the more rural areas, such as Lake Del Valle, that are not included in the Bay Area version.  These books can be obtained at a variety of stores, including Costco in Livermore.  The Thomas Guide page and grid number are often quoted by Real Estate and other listing.  The bay area and county versions are consistent in their numbering scheme, so you can use either.

Local stores also have a variety of folding street maps of the city for sale.

Online sources, such as Yahoo Maps also cover the area.


Downtown parking is generally pretty easy in both Livermore and Pleasanton.  Both have parking on their main streets.  You can generally find a parking spot within a block of the downtown areas unless there is a special event going on.


The Tri-Valley has numerous hotels.  They are listed on our Hotel Page

Wireless Hotspots

Wireless hotspots can be found at many hotels, coffee houses, and restaurants.  See our Wireless Hot Spot page for a list.



Livermore Visitor's Guide

Things to Do Places to Visit Special Events History Claims to Fame Quick Links
For Community Calendars, Weather, Parking, Hotels, Wireless Hotspots, Demographics, and General Information, see the General Information section above

The town of Livermore was founded in 1869, making it the oldest city in the valley.  It boasts numerous wineries, same over 100 years old.  It is the eastern most city of the Tri-Valley bordering on the Altamont Pass.


Livermore Things to Do

Hiking, Bicycling
Horse Back Riding
Livermore is a great place for hiking, bicycling, and horse back riding.  Sycamore Grove Park and Del Valle are excellent for all three.  There are also bike paths through Livermore.  The Isabel trail runs several miles along Isabel Ave.  The Arroyo Mocho trail runs through town, roughly along the Arroyo Mocho (creek), going through Robertson Park.  Click the link at the left for a list of parks and trails for hiking, bicycling, and horse back riding.
Things to do page Comprehensive list of things to do in the Tri-Valley.  Movies, Clubs, Organizations, etc.
Recreation page Recreation page, listing golf courses, bowling alleys, and many other sports.
Bankhead Theater Our new 500 seat Performing Arts Theater.


Places to visit

Carnegie Building

Independence Hall
bankitaly1.jpg (51492 bytes)
Bank of Italy Bldg

Highway Garage
delvalle2.jpg (45389 bytes)
Del Valle
What When Details
History Center Wednesday through Sunday, 11:30am to 4:00pm The History Center is located in the Carnegie Building on 3rd St, between J and K.  The building and the surrounding park occupy the entire block.  The history center contains displays and information on Livermore's past.  A member of the Livermore Heritage Guild will be there to serve you.  The building also contains an art co-op, operating the same hours.  This web site contains an extensive set of historical photos from the Livermore Heritage Guild collection.  Click here to view
Walking Tour   The History Center has guides for walking tours of both the historic business and residential areas.
Ravenswood 2nd and 4th Sundays, 12:00 to 4:00 Ravenswood was built by Christopher Buckley Sr. beginning in 1889.  The property has been restored to that era.  Tours are given by docents dressed to the 1890s period.  Tours are free.  Click here for photos and history.   Click here for 2007 dates.
World's longest burning light bulb Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 First installed in 1901, it is the oldest known working light bulb.  It is at the East Ave Fire station, 4550 East Ave.  Featured in the Guinness book of world records, Ripley's Believe it or not, and On the Road with Charles Kurault.
Windmills Always Thousands of windmills of various designs dot the Altamont Pass, taking advantage of the windy conditions to generate power.  The Altamont Pass is one of the premier wind farms in the nation.  They can be seen up close from I-580 through the Altamont Pass, or from Altamont Pass Road.
Sycamore Grove Park Daylight hours A great park for hiking, bicycling, and horse back riding.  Both paved and unpaved trails.  A back area will get you to over 1000 feet (over 500 feet above Livermore) for a great view of the valley.  This park was originally the Olivina Winery.  The ruins of the winery are still visible.
Del Valle Park Daylight hours plus camping The Del Valle Reservoir provides swimming, boating, wind surfing, hiking, horse back riding, and bicycling.  It is south east of town off of Mines Road.  For more of a challenge you can enter from the Arroyo Road side on foot, bicycle, or horse.  This is where the dam is located.  There is a parking lot by the entrance, and a trail that takes you around to the recreation area, but it is several miles and quite hilly from that end.  You are rewarded with a great view, from about the 1000 foot level.
Wineries Times vary The Livermore Valley is home to about 26 wineries.  Most are in Livermore, with a few in the surrounding areas.  Most of the wineries have tasting room hours on weekends.  See the wineries page for details and links.  The annual harvest festival on the Sunday and Monday of Labor Day weekend is always a popular event.
Lab Discovery Center Mon to Fri, 1:00 to 4:00. Featuring a display of science and technology.  Enter from Greenville Road.  The Lawrence Livermore Lab is one of the biggest employers in the area.
Downtown Sites   Livermore has a historic downtown.  The main section is on 1st St starting a L St, crossing Livermore Ave, and continuing a few blocks.  The following are a few of the sites.  More information and additional sites can be found in the Walking Tour pamphlet from the History Center.

The downtown is currently under extensive redevelopment.

Flagpole.  The new flagpole was installed June 17, 2005.  It replaced the 99 year old wooden one which consisted of a single log.  The original was installed in 1905, moved 15 feet in 1959, and removed October 7, 2004 due to structural concerns.  The flagpole is prominently displayed at the corner of 1st and Livermore Ave.

Bank of Italy Building.  Corner of 1st & Livermore.  Now home to the Independent Newspaper, this building was originally a bank, and later became city hall.

The Masonic Hall was built in 1909, and is located on the south west corner of 1st & Livermore. The ground floor has been used by various businesses including banks and currently a comic book store.

The Schenone Building opened in June of 1914.  The center portion was the entrance to the theatre, which was built directly behind it.  The tickets were purchased at the front of the Schenone building, then a hallway led back to the theatre, the screen being at the wall at 2nd St.

The IOOF Building was built in around 1874, making it probably the oldest building downtown.  Like many of the halls, the downstairs was leased to businesses with the meeting hall upstairs.

The Carnegie Building was built in 1911.  It was used as the Library until 1966.  It currently houses the History Center and Art Co-op.

Independence Hall was built in 1882.  It was the Bank of Livermore from about 1883 to 1890.  It was the Livermore City Hall from 1905 to 1957, at which time city hall moved to the Bank of Italy Building.  It was a fire station from 1906 to 1976, and housed the Centennial Light Bulb until 1976.  It was also the Livermore Police station from 1906 to 1974, with the jail in back.  Now used by various businesses.

SP Railroad Station.  Built around 1892 along the Transcontinental Railroad Tracks.  The tracks no longer go by the station, having been moved to the right of way of the WP tracks to the north.  It now houses several businesses.

Livermore Special Events

Livermore has a number of special events each year which are always well attended.

Click for web site
Click for calendar entry
California Independent Film Festival Now in April
April 16-19, 2009
Film festival held at area wineries.  The festival was previously held in the fall but has now been moved to the spring.
Livermore Wine Country Festival Generally in May 1st Street is closed for booths and displays for Wine, Olive Oil, and various crafts.
Scottish Games Generally in May New in 2004, Livermore will host traditional Scottish games.
Farmer's Market Thursday evenings from Mid May to Mid October The farmer's market attracts a number of vendors with fresh produce, and other items.  You can also buy freshly made kettle corn, and barbeque.  It is located at the Carnegie Building, at J and 3rd.  The History Center is open late when the farmers market is open.
B17 & B24 Bombers visit the Livermore Airport Memorial Day Weekend A B17 and B24 bomber tour the country, and stop in Livermore each year on Memorial Day weekend.  You can tour the planes, and even take a flight.
Rodeo and Parade 2nd Weekend of June.  June 13-14, 2009 A tradition in Livermore since 1918.  Dubbed the "World's Fastest Rodeo"  The parade is Saturday morning.  The Rodeo is Saturday & Sunday.  See Parade Photos.
Old Fashion 4th of July July 4 Live Music, family games, food, and fireworks at Robertson Park.
Harvest Wine Celebration Labor Day Weekend (Sun & Mon)
Aug 31, Sept 1, 2008
All wineries are open for tasting.  Buy a glass for use at all wineries.  Many feature live music, food booths by local restaurants, and craft sales.  See Photos
Airport Open House TBD for 2008 Many airplanes on display including World War II planes.  See eLivermore.com photos.
Nostalgia Day Car Show Sept 28, 2008 Classic cars on display in downtown Livermore.  See Photos.
Downtown Trick or Treat Thursday Near Halloween
Oct 29, 2008
1st street is closed for a large, family friendly trick or treat event.  Local businesses give out candy.  Games are provided.  See Photos
Christmas Tree Lighting and parade Early December (Dec 6, 2008) Parade and Christmas Tree Lighting.  See Photos.
Holiday in the Vineyards Early December (Dec 6, 2008) The wineries have special Christmas events

Livermore History

See our History Section
Visit the History Center (See Places to Visit above)
Livermore Heritage Guild

Livermore Claims to fame
Some more dubious than others.

World's longest burning light bulb Over 100 years old.
Library Mural The Livermore Library made national and international news in 2004 when it was discovered that the mural in front of the library contained 11 misspelled names, including Michelangelo (spelled Michaelangelo) and Einstein (spelled Eistein).
Altamont Concert A verse of Don McLean's song American Pie is attributed to the Altamont concert.  A free concert put on by The Rolling Stones, it is known for the violence that occurred, and is often referred to as the day the 60's died.  The concert took place on December 6, 1969 (about 4 months after Woodstock) at the Altamont Raceway in the Altamont Hills east of Livermore.  More Details.
Wineries Wine has been made in the Livermore valley for over 150 years.  There are over 20 wineries in the Livermore Valley today.  The Harvest Wine Festival is held each year on the Sunday and Monday of Labor Day weekend.
Olive Oil Livermore has 16 olive oil producers, providing high quality olive oil.
Livermore the Movie 60 minute movie which premiered in February 2002 about Livermore.  With the missing time capsule and the totem pole as the central themes, the movie goes through various aspects of Livermore's history.  The VHS and DVD is available online.
Lost Time capsule Livermore made the national news when a time capsule that was buried in 1974 could not be found in 1999.  A variety of metal detectors were used, and could not located it.  It turned out that it was very close to the totem pole base, located from an old memo.  Livermore the Movie (see above) chronicles this event.
Flagpole The flagpole was erected in 1905 in the center of town.  Note that the flagpole removed on Oct 7, 2004 and replaced on June 17, 2005.  Portions of the original are now in Carnegie Park.
Rodeo The Livermore Rodeo, a tradition since 1918, is called "The World's Fastest Rodeo"
Lincoln Highway The Lincoln Highway ran through Livermore, on what is now Portola Ave.  The Lincoln Highway Garage on Portola and L St. served the Lincoln Highway.
Transcontinental Railroad The Transcontinental railroad came through the Altamont Pass, Livermore, Pleasanton, and Niles Canyon.  The tracks were about a block south of where the current tracks are through the downtown area.  The railroad station, built in 1892, is still present on L Street just south of Livermore Ave.  See our Railroads section for details.
Jack London Jack London lived in Livermore on a farm on what is now Altair Ave (Between Concannon Blvd & Alden Lane) at the age of 9, in 1885.  He moved to Oakland in 1886.
Lawrence Livermore Labs Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory. LLNL was founded in September 1952 as a second nuclear weapons design laboratory to promote innovation in the design of our nation's nuclear stockpile through creative science and engineering. Livermore has also become one of the world's premier scientific centers, where cutting-edge science and engineering in the interest of national security is used to break new ground in other areas of national importance, including energy, biomedicine, and environmental science.
Livermore Naval Air Station The Livermore Naval Air station trained pilots during World War II.  It was located where the Lawrence Livermore Lab is now.  The lab uses many of the Naval Air Station Buildings.
Max Baer The boxer Max Baer was from Livermore.  His son, Max Baer Jr. played Jethro in the Beverly Hillbillies TV show.
Windmills Thousands of windmills of various designs dot the Altamont Pass, taking advantage of the windy conditions to generate power.  The Altamont Pass is one of the premier wind farms in the nation.  They can be seen from I-580 through the Altamont Pass, or from Altamont Pass Road.
Chowchilla Kidnapping On July 15, 1976 three men kidnapped 26 children and the bus driver in Chowchilla, California.  They were hidden in a moving van that was buried in a quarry just west of Isabel Ave in Livermore.  The quarry was owned by the father of one of the kidnappers.  After about 16 hours in the buried moving van, they managed to escape.  The three kidnappers were sentenced to life in prison.

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