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Grand Marshall & Community Service Award
Entry Forms, Rules, Etc.
2019 Parade Results
Parade Lineup
Lineup by Category
Parade Entry Categories
Parade Sponsors
Parade Rules

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Parade Route (PDF)

Parade Home Page
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The 2019 Livermore Rodeo Parade will be held on
June 8
beginning at 10:00am

Grand Marshall & Community Service Award

The Grand Marshall for 2019 is
Leo Croce
Read bio

(photo to be added)

Community Service Award Recipient

Officers Dave Martin and Matt Ishmael
members of Livermore's Homeless Liaison and Policing team.
Read bio


The Theme of the parade is the Rodeo, as always.

Entry Forms & Contact

Parade entry forms were emailed on April 8 to last year's participants.
They are due May 21.  The forms will be available at the following links:

Click here for the Entry form Cover Letter (PDF)
Click here for the entry form (PDF)
Click here for the Parade Route (PDF)

Contact Info:
Paul Szmyd
Parade Chairman 2019
Address: PO Box 845    Livermore, Ca. 94551
E-mail; Livermoreparade@yahoo.com


2019 Parade Results

The results are announced and trophies presented at Carnegie Park at 12:30pm on the day of the Rodeo Parade
Results will be posted here on the afternoon of the Rodeo Parade

General Sweepstakes Award


Equestrian Sweepstakes Award


Links go to photos

Equestrian Awards, Judged by the California State Horseman’s Association

Cat # Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

General Entry Awards, Judged by Rotary Club of Livermore

Cat # Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place


2019 Parade Lineup

The parade lineup will be posted when available - generally a week or two before the parade.

Click Here for a one page printable version in Acrobat format (when available).

Links go to the photo(s) of each entry.
(added after parade)

Name of Entry & Photo Link Entry Class People Assemble

Numbers 1 to 60 must be in line by 9:30am
Numbers 61 and up must be in line by 10:30am

Entries by Category

The Parade Entries by Category will be posted when available - generally a week or two before the parade.

NC = Non-competitive (Categories 1, 2, 3, 28, 29, 52)
Categories 4-28 and 30-52 are judged.

Entry Class
Place Name of Entry
(Links go to photos)

Entry Class
Place Name of Entry
(Links go to photos)



Parade Entry Categories

Not all categories have entries.

Class #


1st 2nd 3rd Awarded in 2018

Civilian/Military Bands


Elementary, Jr. High Bands


High School Bands


Majorette Corps/Drill Teams (Senior)

$165 $110   Yes

Majorette Corps/Drill Teams (Junior)

$140 $65   Yes

Solo Majorette

Trophy Trophy Ribbon  

Amateur Float

$165 $110 $60 Yes

Commercial Floats

$165 $110 $60 Yes

Novelty Unit (Senior)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Novelty Unit (Junior)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Color Guard (Senior)

$90 $60   Yes

Color Guard (Junior)

$90 $60    

Color Guard (Military)

Trophy Trophy   Yes

Antique Vehicles

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Classic & Custom Vehicles

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Antique Fire Engines

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes


Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes



Non-Competitive (open)

Horse Entries (CSHA Judged)

Matched Pair

Trophy Trophy Ribbon  

Working Western (Senior)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Working Western (Junior)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon  

Pony/Horse Drawn Vehicle

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Mounted Group (Senior)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Mounted Group (Junior)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon  

Color Guard

Trophy Trophy Ribbon  

Plain Western

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Novelty Horse, Costume (Open)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Local Western (Senior)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon  

Local Western (Junior)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Fancy Dress Western (Open)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon  

Silver Group

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Charro/Charra (Open)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon  

Sheriff's Posse

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Parade Horse (Open)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Future Horse Man/Woman

Trophy Trophy Ribbon Yes

Miniature Horse (Open)

Trophy Trophy Ribbon  

Junior Equestrian

Trophy Trophy Ribbon  

NC = Non-Competitive (not judged)

General Sweepstakes – Trophy
Equestrian Sweepstakes – Trophy

Parade Sponsors



Major Sponsors





Rotary Club of Livermore


Livermore Sanitation

Livermore Stockmen's Rodeo Association

The Independent Newspaper

Major Corporate Sponsors

Topcon Positioning Systems
Baughman's Western Outfitters
Livermore Toyota
City of Livermore
Parkwest Casino 580

The Wine Group - Concannon Winery
Livermore Sanitation
Livermore Stockmen's Rodeo Assocattion
Fremont Bank

Tri-Vally Conservancy
Tri-Valley Auto Body
Independent Newspaper
Toyota of Livermore


Corporate Sponsors

Fantasy Sound
Ising’s Culligan Water Service
Livermore/Concord Feed and Livestock
Law Office of Jennifer Thaete
Oral Surgery, Dr Jack Mills

Visiting Angels, Keith Beck
Alden Lane Nursery
Bent Creek Winery
Mountain Mike’s Pizza
Gene Morgan Insurance Agency

Crown Trophy
Image Setters
Big White House Wines
Pedrozzi Foundation
Linda Tinney

Parade Sponsors

Law Office of Elizabeth S. Cassidy
Christian Chukwuma-Financial Advisor
Robert Cowan Consulting
Contrerus Chiropractic-Gerardo Contreras
The Coyle Family
Jay Davis
Camino Press - John Gordan
East Bay Termite Company-Vern Green
Charles Hartwig
Al Lewis

Pat McMenamin
 eLivermore-Bill Nale
Marty Plone
Capital Insight Financial Group-Jacob Read
Mary Anne Rozsa-Real Estate Agent
Ron Scott
John Shirley
Carolyn Siegfried
Irv & Patty Stowers
Paul Thompson

Kemper Group, CPA-Tim Weaver
Don Wentz
In Memory of Jerry Bireley, Kathleen Bireley
Tim Barry
Kelly & Rob Bowers
TJ Gilmartin
Hoge Fenton,Tones & Appel
Livermore Valley Opera
Jean Otto
Special Events Bay Area
The Singing Winemaker, Steve Powell
Law Office of Robert B. Jacobs



Livermore Rodeo Parade Rules for 2019

(2017 Rules listed for now)

  PARADE CLASSIFICATION must be entered on parade entry form. If you fail to do so, you will be classified as #19, Non-Competitive.
  NON-REFUNDABLE ENTRY FEES: Commercial/Political Entries $125. All others $45. Checks should be made out to Rotary Club of Livermore, and mailed to PO Box 845, Livermore, CA 94551.  Applications will not be processed prior to receipt of the fee.
  ENTRY NUMBERS and instructions will be mailed one week prior to the parade. The main judging stand is at 2nd and "K" Street on the right side of the parade route. All identification numbers must be placed or worn on the right front of the entry in plain view of the judging team.

a. If you are ASSOCIATED WITH ANOTHER ENTRY where you need adjacent entry numbers and we did not provide you with consecutive Entry Numbers, YOU MUST NOTIFY the Parade Chairman IMMEDIATELY. NO Entry Numbers will be Changed less than 5 days prior to the Day of the Parade.

  All Horse entries in a judged category must be present and ready for judging at 8:30 am at 3rd and “J” Streets. This rule is made by the CSHA, not the Rodeo Parade, and may affect awards given. Riding on the parade route before lineup is not allowed.
  FLOAT ENTRIES must have flame retardant materials or chemically treated decorations.
NON-HORSE ENTRIES are judged by the Rotary Club of Livermore.
NO SMOKING WHILE ON ROUTE! Motorized units must have fire extinguishers. No open flames on or around floats. No loud noisemakers to scare horses.
  CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES by parade participants is not allowed by City Ordinance. This includes parade lineup area as well as the parade route.
  PARADE ASSEMBLY TIME: Your entry packet (mailed a week prior to the parade), will contain - entry time, line-up location, and parking information.
  ENTRY LINEUP Parade officials will be there to assist you with lining up. Parade starts promptly at 10:00am.
b. Multiple horses, vehicles, or persons with the same entry number must proceed as one group (no spacing).
c. Maintain your spacing between entries and, PLEASE, not more than 50 feet at any time.
  Participants must MAINTAIN CONTROL OF THEIR VEHICLES AND ANIMALS at all times. No one under the age of six (6) years may be in control of these without an adult, 18 years or older supervising.
a. Failing to maintain a maximum of no more than 50 feet or a minimum of no less than 25 feet from the preceding entry.
b. Not completing the entire parade route.
c. Throwing objects or squirting liquids from your unit
d. Shooting firearms or fireworks.
e. Refusing to obey parade marshals or police.
  Allowable time for performing before the ANNOUNCING STANDS:
a. A ROUTINE of NO MORE THAN 60 SECONDS by any Entrant.  Equestrian Units are limited to One Complete Circle
b. A PENALTY of 5 POINTS WILL BE ASSESSED FOR EACH VIOLATION for EXCESSIVE TIME. In addition, other sanctions may be imposed (See map for announcing stand locations).
c. All other units must maintain FORWARD MOTION at each of the four announcing stands.
  Decisions of the judges will be final.
  PARADE AWARDS will be announced and presented at Carnegie Park (see map) at 12:30 pm. Trophies, plaques, and ribbons must be picked up at the awards ceremony whereas cash award will be mailed to the address on the Entry Form.
Parade Committee reserves the right to refuse any entrant’s parade participation.

The California State Horsemen Association Riles will apply to all mounted entries. California Drum and Drill Rules apply to all marching units. American Legion competitive flag code will apply to all color guards and/or flag lines. Parade sanctioned by Parade Sponsors of Northern California, Inc.

Grand Marshall Bio
Leo Croce

Leo Croce – American Hero in more ways than one!

Leo Croce was a hero during WWII and a hero to children through his lifelong career in Education.

“As with so many members of America’s greatest generation, Leo Croce never sought to be hero. He went to the biggest conflict in human history because America’s freedom was being attacked and it was the right thing to do. His bravery, courage, and dedication are something that my generation has always admired. His story should be remembered – not only at the school that bears his name, but for future Americans who might wonder what this great worldwide cataclysm was all about along with the sacrifices of so many to ensure freedom today. We owe a huge debt of thanks for the fly boys of eighth Army air forces and the others who served in World War II.” Joe Turnage, former Principal, Marylin Avenue School

Always the reluctant Hero, Leo finally wrote his memoir “Mission Completed” in 2018. He describes serving as a combat co-pilot, flying a B– 17 Flying Fortress with the 8th Army Air Force, to targets over Europe. He was awarded the Air Medal with a silver and bronze cluster, the European Theater of Operations with two bronze stars, and the French Jubilee Liberty Medal. He also received the American World War II Victory Medal and the American Campaign Medal with bronze Star.

After the war he attended UC Berkeley, thanks to the G.I. Bill, and then took a year of graduate studies, earning his teaching credential. He started teaching in Oakland and spent the next 25 years as a teacher, coach, counselor, vice principal, junior high and high school principal before becoming a superintendent. In 1973 he became superintendent of schools in Livermore. He was superintendent for 16 years. Two years after he retired, Leo R. Croce Elementary School was named in his honor.

Leo was born May 14, 1923 in Oakland California. He was the fourth of four children born to Italian immigrants who came to the US through Ellis Island. They were preceded by many relatives, who also settled in the San Francisco Bay area. In 1906, Leo’s father Felice Croce, followed other brothers and sisters on the trail to America from Soglio in the Italian province of Asti. His mother, Francesca, arrived in 1912 from the nearby city of Turin in northern Italy. They married in 1914.

Young Leo grew up in the vibrant time of the San Francisco bay area of the 1920s. Those pre-depression years saw his family and other relatives involved in the food industry, where some of them started restaurants and a butcher shop, as well as a delicatessen. Leo’s mom continued to pursue a career as a talented seamstress for the exclusive ladies department store, I Magnin.


Community Service Award Bio
Officers Dave Martin and Matt Ishmael

Officer Dave Martin started with the Livermore Police Department in May of 1999. He has worked patrol and also serves as a team member for the East County Tactical Team. Officer Matt Ishmael started with the Livermore Police Department in April of 2010. He has worked on patrol and been an integral part of the department’s Force Option Team. In January 2018, Officer Ishmael started as the sole full time officer in the Livermore Police Department’s new Homeless Liaison and Policing (HLP) Team with Officer Martin working in a supplemental position. In July 2018, Officer Martin also joined the unit which is where it stands now. The formation of the unit was a daunting task for them to complete. They worked with partners and stakeholders from the City of Livermore Housing and Human Services, the City of Livermore Public Works, federally funded HUD housing units such as ABODE, local Tri-Valley services such as CityServe, hazardous waste cleanup companies, local faith based organizations, and the homeless citizens of Livermore to develop the team into a unit that specifically serves the needs of Livermore. In order to gain a better perspective of the other homeless focused policing teams, Officers Ishmael and Martin identified 6 other agencies within California such as El Dorado, Manteca, Petaluma, Santa Monica, Riverside, and San Diego. Where they were able to analyze what was working for these agencies and what could be modified to work in Livermore. They also identified alternate means of transportation for their unit to proactively seek out homeless encampments in more difficult to access areas. This resulted the implementation of LPD’s first patrol ready electric mountain bicycles and designing a patrol ready Ford F-150 for suspect contact and property transportation. As they continued their proactive work and maintained their daily workload, Officers Ishmael and Martin regularly attended meetings with various local organizations like the Livermore Rotary Club, LARPD, Citizen’s Police Academy, Livermore Realtor’s Group, property owners, and members of City Hall/City Council. They also took the Livermore City Manager, Deputy City Manager, two City Council members, an Officer and Sergeant from Pleasanton PD, and a probation officer on a ride along so that they too could understand and learn from Officers Ishmael and Martin.



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