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View from the ACE Train
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All of these pictures are taken from the Ace Train except for a few of the pictures of the train itself.  Most pictures were taken in the spring of 2002.

Ace trains run from Stockton to San Jose in the morning and vice-versa in the evening (3 trains each).  In the Tri-Valley there are stops at Vasco Road, Downtown Livermore, and in Pleasanton by the Fair Grounds.

The train goes through some of the most scenic areas in the bay area, going through the Altamont Pass, Niles Canyon, and then what appears to be through the bay, with salt evaporators on both sides of the train..  You also get the "backyard" view of businesses, with the normal share of junkyards you would expect along railroad tracks.

The pictures are in order of East to West.  Each page has 3 to 10 pictures.  Many of the pages have descriptions and links to other web sites with pictures and information.

Through the Tri-Valley, the train takes the Western Pacific route that was put in place about 1908, and now owned by the Union Pacific.

See also the ACE web site and Acerider.org

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The Trains
Pictures of the train, one from inside the train on a curve.
Altamont Pass
Mountains, Windmills, Bridges, and the Old Transcontinental Railroad Right of way
North Livermore, PG&E Training Facility, Arroyo, Gravel Pits
Main Street, Fairgrounds, Ace Station, Bernal Property, Bridges
Niles Canyon Railway
Track being restored, Sunol Station, Depot in Niles Canyon
Niles Canyon
Mountains, Brick Factory, Alameda Creek
Train track and bridges around Niles, Alameda Creek, Old Steam Engine, Centerville Station
Salt Factory
Leslie Salt Factory on the bay.
Drawbridge & Alviso Marina
Abandoned shacks sinking into the marsh, Alviso "Ghost Marina" and boats.
Views of the Bay
Scenic views of the bay from the train on a rainy day.  

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Ace train icons by Don's Depot.
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