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Little LeagueŽ Intermediate World Series
Game 17 - World Championship Game
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  Region Team Score


Asia Pacific

Izumisano LL - Osaka, Japan




Collier Township/Chartiers Valley LL  - Collier Township, PA



This photo is courtesy of Dick Jones, who was taking photos from an airplane.  This photo was taken about 4:54pm.  I believe this was the top of the 4th.
More of his photos will be added here later.

Here he is flying over.

Setting up the remote control camera behind the plate



The original position of the center field camera.
They likely moved it because it would be in the batters direct view.


New position of the center field camera

Inside the ESPN control room truck.
This is the main area


Screens at the front of the main control room.

The sound booth

More toys.  I think some of this is for the remote control camera.







Center Field camera

First base side camera (outside of the fence)

Selling shirts, etc.

1st base side camera, inside the fence.


Spankys dog house, in the center field area.

3rd base side camera

Remote control camera behind the plate.

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