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Little LeagueŽ Intermediate World Series
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Preparing the Field

Max Baer 1 field was a dirt infield.  The Intermediate World Series requires a grass infield, so the modifications needed to be made.

Feb 3, 2013

Feb 3, 2013

Feb 8, 2013, the day the sod was installed.

Feb 9, 2013.  The day after the sod was installed.

Notice the lack of a seam.  The turf was not your average backyard turf.  This stuff have quite a few inches of dirt and roots attached when installed.
More like what is used on MLB fields.
I am told that it could have been played on almost immediately, but the first game was not for over a month.


Feb 23, 2013

The first game played on the completed field, April 13, 2013.
Granada Jr. 80s Gold has the bases loaded in the 2nd inning and is about to score their first run.  They won the game 7-3.

Prior to this, Granada played all away games, which meant that the 2nd half of the season was almost all home games.
For most of the district the first half of the season was 50/70 play with 80s during the 2nd half.
ALL games played on Max Baer 1 were 50/70, which means that the Granada Jr. 80s teams played very little "80s" baseball during the year.

Prior to this year the mound was plywood, and moveable.  With the installation of the grass, the mound is fixed.
The only way to change to 80s would be to move home plate back, etc.  It was decided to not do this.



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