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Bankhead Theater - Livermore
62 - The Smothers Brothers

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The Smothers Brothers

The Smothers Brothers performed at the Fall 2008 Gala on October 3, 2008
The show included music, and the customary banter between Tommy and Dick Smothers.
Flying a Cessna aircraft to the Livermore Airport (a claim by Tommy, denied by Dick) was one of the opening dialogs.
One line from this routine by Dick (paraphrased):  "No matter how many frequent flier miles you have, they don't upgrade you to PILOT".
Tommy came out as Yoyo Man (not photographed as it was well after the prescribed time allowing photos by me).
The show also included a video segment on the history of the Smothers Brothers.
It was an excellent show, and very well received by the audience.
Note: eLivermore.com had permission by the Bankhead Theater and the Smothers Brothers to take photos at this event.

The guitar and bass on stage just prior to the performance.

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