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Bankhead Theater - Livermore
61 - Capitol Steps

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Capitol Steps at the Bankhead Theater
May 5, 2008

Their moto is "You keep electing them, we'll keep mocking them"
The show was sold out, and a great hit.

Super Delegates Decide Then It Would Be Atrocious

Super Delegates


Larry Craig

George W. Bush

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton

Mike Huckabee and an undisclosed right wing clergy

Pope Benedict XVI

North Korean President Kim Jong-il
Or is it Don King...

John McCain

Al Gore with his book "Doom and Gloom for Dummies"


Pluto gets rebuffed by Venus because it was demoted as a planet.

Rudy Giuliani and (presumably) Jimmy Page
Relying on Nine-Eleven to the tune of Stairway to Heaven

Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas

Four Supreme Court Justices (as the Supremes)



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