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The Livermore Flagpole Removal

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Flagpole Removal, Oct 7, 2004
Flagpole Removal 2, Oct 7, 2004
New Flagpole - June 17, 2005
New Pole being Assembled - June 17, 2005
The Flagpole is Raised - June 17, 2005
Dedication (1) - July 4, 2005 - the ceremony
Dedication (2) - July 4, 2005 - raising the flag
Dedication (3) - July 4, 2005 - people
Dedication (4) - July 4, 2005 - the flag
100th anniversary of the flagpole(1) - Sept 9, 2005
100th anniversary of the flagpole(2) - Sept 9, 2005

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Due to structural problems, the Livermore Flagpole was removed Thursday, October 7, 2004 after over 99 years of service.
The new fiberglass flagpole was installed June 17, 2005 (see photos)

It was cut into 4 pieces to fit on a truck.  The top 3 were 30 feet with the last one 11 feet.  That would be 101 feet above ground.

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The First Piece Coming Down at 11:29am

The second piece coming down and the view from in front of the Bank of Italy Building (NE corner) with two sections cut off with the Masonic Building in the background.

Getting ready to remove the 3rd section, with the first two sections loaded on the truck.  The left piece is the top of the flagpole showing the pulley for the rope and the spike at the top which held the ball, now removed. 


The third section coming down.  At this point it is 11 feet tall.

The view with the remaining 11 feet in place.  The parking garage can be seen across the vacant lot which where the Dutcher building (Livermore Cyclery) was.  The Dutcher building and other buildings on East 1st Street were removed starting September 20.

And then it was gone.  12:37pm
The last piece was stubborn.  Most of the way through the chain on the chainsaw wore out and had to be replaced.


The stump.


The ball at the top of the flagpole.  It is metallic, hollow, and very light.


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