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Livermore History - Schenone Building

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Schenone Building

The Schenone building opened in June of 1914, 5 years after the Masonic Hall.  The center portion was the entrance to the theatre, which was built directly behind it.  The tickets were purchased at the front of the Schenone building, then a hallway led back to the theatre, the screen being at the wall at 2nd St.  The theatre is now the Theatre Mall on 2nd St.

Originally opened as the Bell Theatre, it has several names:
Bell Theatre (1913 to 1923)
Livermore Theatre (1923-1929)
California Theatre (1929-1931)
State Theatre (1931-1958)
All photos show the Bell and State names.

Other portions of the building has contained various businesses.  Croce's Cafe was in the right side for quite a while, followed by Club 1079 and now the Livermore Saloon.  The left side has had a candy store, Cheerio's Gifts & Cards, and just opened as Quiznos.

Additional photos of the Schenone building are throughout these pages, and especially on Downtown Page 3.

Rodeo decorations in 1931.
Croce's Restaurant is on the right side.
"Lily Da?mita  This is the Night"
"Now Playing Chas Ruggles"


Schenone Building around 1914, when it opened.  This is a cropped version of the photo on the Masonic Building page

"Ice Cream & Candies" (left)
"Bell Theatre" (center)
"Croce's Fashion Restaurant" (right)

Masonic Building & State Theater - Square flooded. 2/11/38. 1.35 inches in 24 hours

Schenone building after a 2002 remodel.  Photo taken March 22, 2003 by eLivermore.com, shortly after Quiznos opened.

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