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Livermore Naval Air Station

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More Naval Air Station

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The Buildings, then and now.

In order, the photos are:
Silhouette of ~1944 photo below, with building numbers added.
~1944 photo of the Naval Air Station
1956 Livermore Radiation Lab diagram (cropped)
1993 USGS Aerial photo of a portion of Lawrence Livermore Lab from the Microsoft Terra Server

Above & Below:  ~1944 photo of the Naval Air station.  This is the same photo as on page 1, but cropped to the building area, and rotated.  East Ave is at the bottom.  Vasco Road would be off the left side, and Greenville Road off the right side (visible in upper right corner).

Above:  Diagram of the Livermore Radiation Lab, January 1956

Above:  1993 USGS photo of a slightly larger area than the photos above.  Buildings # 1 & 21 are labeled to match the top photo for reference.  A Sandia building can be seen at the bottom middle.  This photo is from the Microsoft Terraserver, which has photos of the entire country.  Click here for this view on the terraserver

This is the buildings section of the photo on the previous page, cropped and rotated.  The road at the bottom is East Ave.  Many of the building in this photo are are still present at the Lawrence Livermore Lab.

The following table lists the numbered buildings and their 1956 and 2003 assignments

NAS # * NAS Description 1956 # 1956 Assignment 2003
1 A & R Building 126 Crafts Existing
2   125 Health Chemistry  
3a   163 Stores-Office Demolished
3b   164 Stores Demolished
3c   165 Stores Demolished
3d   166 Warehouse Existing
3e   167 Warehouse Existing
3f   - Demolished Demolished
3g   - Demolished Demolished
4 M & E Hangars 121 Pratt & Whitney Aircraft  
5 M & E Hangars 124 Accelerator Development  
6 Control Tower - Demolished Demolished
7 Administration Building 113 Administration Existing
8   131 MTA & Arc Research Office Existing
9   132 AEC Office (western
portion was demolished)
10   133 Reception Demolished
11   136 Administration Existing
12   - Demolished Demolished
13   130 Cafeteria Existing
14   141 Electrical Engineering Demolished
15   142 Electrical Engineering Demolished
16   143 General Services Existing
17 Swimming Pool ? 145 Swimming Pool Existing
18   144 Sandia Existing
19   151 Mechanical Engineering Existing
20   152 General Engineering Existing
21   153 Accelerator Existing
22   155 Electrical Engineering Existing
23   105 Maintenance Shop Demolished
24   161 PW Administration Demolished
25   162 PW Physics Demolished
  (Between #18 & #21) 146 Dormitory-Offices Existing
  (South of #4 & # 5, between them) 122 Chemistry  
  (to the right of #7) 139 Communications Existing

* NAS number is from the photo at the top.  The numbers are arbitrary, and are not a numbering system used at that time.
The 1956 information is from a 1956 Livermore Radiation Laboratory diagram.
The function of must of the buildings at the time of the Naval Air Station is not known.



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