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Livermore History - McLeod Building

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Sweeney Opera House: Was on the SW corner of 1st and McLeod
Independence Hall: On the SE corner of 1st and McLeod
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Masonic Hall:  SW corner of 1st & Livermore.
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McLeod Building, North East corner of 1st & Livermore, where the Bank of Italy (Independent Newspaper) building is now.
The McLeod building was built in 1883, and held various businesses including the Bank of Livermore and the Herald Newspaper.  It was torn down in 1921 when the Bank of Italy building was built.  The right side of the building remains, but it is hardly recognizable (see below).  It is scheduled for demolition in 2003.  The upper floors were meeting halls.  It was used as the Masonic Hall until the Masonic building was built on the opposite corner in 1909.

McLeod Building, on the North East corner of 1st & Livermore, looking north.  Dutcher's Hardware store is the two story building on the right.  The Farmers Union building (Railroad & Livermore Ave) can just barely be seen on the left (3 upstairs windows with overhang below), just to the right of a barn on the far left.

East First St. showing the right side of the McLeod building around 1918.  In the center is The Herald office.  Above the Herald sign is another that reads "K B Medical Experts - Bloodless surgery".  On the windows under the awning on the right is "L. Schenone Fruits" and "L. Schenone Vegetables".  Dutcher's Hardware Store is on the far right.

The Livermore Hotel and Flagpole along with the remaining portion of the McLeod building and Dutcher's Hardware.  Probably in the early 1920s.
The far left side of this photo is the portion of the McLeod building which was not torn down.  Comparing to the photo above it is the right side of the McLeod building, probably including the right most three 2nd story windows, judging from proportions from the Dutcher building.  Presumably the Bank of Italy building is to the left, off of the photo.  Dutcher's Hardware to the right still has the bay windows in this photo.  These two buildings are now Livermore Cyclery.

"Current" photo of Livermore Cyclery, November 2002.  The left portion is the only remaining section of the McLeod building.  The right portion was Dutcher's Hardware.  Both are scheduled for demolition for redevelopment in 2003.

McLeod Building flooded, 1906-07. L-R standing 1. ? 2. Fred Mathison, cashier. 3. Fred Lassen, 4. Dr Savage Sr. In carriage is Mrs Del Savage (front), her daughter May, & Del Savage's Grandchildren.
The Bank of Livermore is in the corner spot of the building.  The Herald is to the right.
In the corner of the 2nd floor is Dr. Savage's Dentist office.

Stereograph of the flooded McLeod building. "Flooded conditions at Bank of Livermore." With shovel - Fred Mathiesen, cashier of Bank. 1906-07.

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