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Livermore History - Masonic Hall

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Masonic Hall:  SW corner of 1st & Livermore.
Schenone Building:  South side of 1st near Livermore.
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Masonic Hall

The Masonic Hall was built in 1909.  The ground floor has been used by various businesses including banks and currently a comic book store.  The front section of the 2nd floor was also used by businesses.  The Hall itself is in the southern portion of the 2nd floor with the front of the hall at Livermore Ave.  The entrance to the hall is also on Livermore Ave.  The third floor contains a kitchen and banquet hall.

Taken near the same time as above.  The "Billiards" sign as well as the sign by the hall entrance are not present.
The bank and dentist are present.
The streets are obviously not paved.
Taken between 1908 and 1913
This photo was taken by Frank Hogle, who had a photo studio in Livermore from 1908 to 1913.

The First National Bank in the center. "Foreign & Domestic Exchange"  "Save Deposit Boxes"
The sign on the left says "Billiards".  The sign by the hall entrance can't be read.
Upper floor has "Dr. G.A. Therkof - Dentist"
The streets are not paved yet.
Taken between 1908 and 1913

About 1932.  Note the door on the far right, which is no longer present, and was not there in previous photos


Masonic Building and Schenone Building.  Around 1920, when the Schenone building opened.
Masonic Building windows:
"Livermore Valley Savings Bank" (window to right of front doors)
"First National Bank" (next window to the right)
"Dr. G.A. Therkof Dentist" (upper window)
Building between:  "Soft Drinks" in window

Schenone building:
"Ice Cream & Candies" (left)
"Bell Theatre" (center)
"Croce's Fashion Restaurant" (right)
(see close-up on Schenone page.

Masonic Hall and Schenone Building.  Photo taken on March 22, 2003 by eLivermore.com
The corner door is now replaced by a window, with the door moved to the right.
The two story building between the two was replaced long ago by the one story building shown (which appears in later historical pictures also).

A view of Mills Square (1st & Livermore) looking North from the 3rd floor of the Masonic building.  There are great views from these upper windows, although the old glass causes distortion.  The flag pole is at the left, with a good view of the Bank of Italy Building, the remaining piece of the McLeod Building, and the Dutcher's Hardware building (the latter two now occupied by Livermore Cyclery).  Photo by eLivermore.com

Plaque in the sidewalk in front of the Masonic building commemorating the predecessor business, Mary Sarah Anthony's hardware store (see photo).  It is not known why the "ny" are missing on the end.  Photo by eLivermore.com

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