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Livermore History - Del Valle Construction

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Lake Del Valle was built in 1968 by the state along with the Bethany Reservoir as part of the South Bay Aqueduct Project.
The Hetch Hetchy pipeline, built well before the reservoir, goes under the lake, and also under the road leading to the lake.  It does not connect to the lake in any way, however.

It was built to "Provide water for Irrigation, Municipal, Industrial, and Recreation uses, and to provide Flood Control"

Total Crest Length: 880 feet
Height above stream bed: 230 feet
Volume of Embankment: 42,000,000 Cubic Yards

Storage: 77,100 Acre Feet
Area:  1060 Acres
Shore Line, 16 miles.


From west hill looking east.  On the left side is the edge of the hill that the path is on.  The path continues on the hills in the center of the photo.

Similar view.

Similar view, at a later time when the dam has been built up, and hills in the reservoir have been trimmed down.


To the left of the above photos, early in the construction.

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