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The photos are on 54 web pages, indexed below.

About these photos


Timeline of Livermore History

A timeline of events, construction, and demolition.

Index of Buildings and sites

Names, Locations, Dates, and links to photos

LHG Photo Categories

List of the photos available at the history museum

Locations Displaying Historical Photos

Places around town displaying photos.

Local History web links


This section provides over 200 Historical Photos of Livermore, mostly from the Livermore Heritage Guild collection.
These includes aerial photos from over the years, buildings, businesses and events.
Many of the places are long gone, but some of them are still around.  Present day photos are also provided for many of the existing buildings.

The pages below are divided into categories, with some having several pages.  Each page has from 1 to 6 photos.
Some of the descriptions with the photos are preliminary and will be updated as information becomes available.
See Also our Photo Gallery of Sites and Events including
Livermore Sites - Pleasanton Sites - Local Events - Nile Canyon Railway - from the ACE Train

  Timeline and Building Index
Timeline of Livermore History
Index of Buildings and Sites
History Center
The Livermore Heritage Guild (web site) History Center in the Carnegie Building on 3rd between J and K.

Aerial Photos
Page 1:  ~1960 photo with labels
Page 2:  ~1955 photo with labels
Page 3:  Drawing from 1889.
Page 4:  1993 USGS Aerial Photo with labels
Page 5:  Junction Ave School, East 1st ~1976
Page 6:  East Ave, 1963; Downtown ~1928
Page 7:  Junction Ave & downtown
Page 8:  1936 Photo, the Labs.
Page 9:  The Airport prior to 1969
Page 10:  Veterans Hospital.

Page 1:  Sewer pipe installation, Mally's, etc.
Page 2:  West end, & 40s pictures.
Page 3:  Just west of Livermore Ave.
Page 4:  East First Street.

Page 1:  The Mill of Mills Square, Diamond Flour Mill
Page 2:  Inside The Hub, Furniture, and other stores
Page 3:  Creamery, Soda Works
Page 4:  Arrow Bakery, Restaurant, Menu, Cheese Factory
Page 5:  Drilling rig, Sporting Goods, Telephone office, French Laundry
Page 6:  The Valley Garage, Valley Hardware, Machine Shop
Page 7:  Butcher Shops & Markets, Carriage Factory, Building Supply
Page 8:  Blacksmith, Feed Store
Page 9:  Dutcher's Hardware Store
Page 10:  California Transfer Company, Service Station
Page 1 - Late 1800s, early 1900s
Page 2 - Early 1900s to 1933
Page 3 - 1935 to 1957
Page 4 - 1953 Rodeo Parade

Page 1:  Raboli, Pioneer, Chateau Bellevue Wineries and a Postcard
Page 2:  Mont-Rouge and Vienna Wineries
Page 3:  Cresta Blanca
Page 4:  Pressing Grapes, at Cresta Blanca
Page 5:  Bottling and other functions at Cresta Blanca
Page 6:  Ruby Hill old building (1887 to 2002)
Page 7:  Ruby Hill new building (2002)
Altamont Pass
Page 1:  Summit School
Page 2:  Summit Hotel, Altamont Library
Page 3:  The Concert at Altamont, and it's connection to American Pie
Livermore Fire Brick Company
Business which was located where the Brickyard shopping center is now (across Stanley from Valley Memorial Hospital).
Laddsville Businesses
Laddsville was located in the area of East First St and northward.
Robert Livermore & William Mendenhall
Page 1:  Photos of Robert Livermore and his home.
Page 2:  Robert Livermore's Gravesite at Mission San Jose
Page 3:  William Mendenhall
May School


The Historic Flagpole
Page 1:  Dedication, other events, and history
Page 2:  Events at the Flag Pole, the flag at half Mask

The flagpole was removed Oct 7, 2004.  See Photos.

Page 1:  The Property
Page 2:  Cottage & Carriage Barn
Page 3:  Main House
Page 4:  Winery and Vineyard Workers
Page 5:  Family Portraits
See Also: Current Ravenswood Photos

Livermore was on the original transcontinental Railroad Route.  See the Depot in operation, and the former SP depot.
Page 1:  History and aerial photos
Page 2:  Southern Pacific Depot (still on L St.)
Page 3:  SP Depot reconstruction
Page 4:  Western Pacific Depot (long gone)
Page 5:  Misc.
Livermore Naval Air Station
Page 1 - The station from the air
Page 2 - Building maps
Page 3 - Aircraft and cadets on the tarmac.
Page 4 - Hangars
Page 5 - Aircraft in flight
Page 6 - Parades
Pages 7 & 8 - Life at the air Station
Page 9 - Naval Reserves at Livermore NAS
Lincoln Highway Garage
On Portola and L Street.  Restored and maintained by the Livermore Heritage Guild.
Page 1:  The Garage
Page 2:  Poster, sign, restored fire truck, etc.

Theaters and Halls
McLeod Building: Where the Bank of Italy building is now.
Sweeney Opera House: Was on the SW corner of 1st and McLeod
Independence Hall: On the SE corner of 1st and McLeod
Independence Hall, page 2 - Firehouse, resent photos
Masonic Hall:  SW corner of 1st & Livermore.
Schenone Building:  South side of 1st near Livermore.
Others:  McVicar's Hall, Forrester's Hall
Farmers Exchange:  Hotel on the east side of L St, between 1st and Railroad.
Washington Hotel: Was on the SE corner of 1st and L.
Valley Hotel:  On the SW corner of 1st and L.  The Annex on the right remains.
Livermore Hotel:  By the flagpole.
Wayside Chapel
Joesville (the Rock House)
at the North side of Portola at L (by new Albertson's shopping center).
Page 1:  Outside of the building
Page 2:  Inside the building plus the outside of the house. 
Livery Stables.
Yes, it does snow in Livermore
Tesla Coal Mine
Westvaco Magnesite Mine
Del Valle Dam Construction
Page 1 - Construction
Page 2 - Construction continued
Page 3 - Completion


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Livermore Heritage Guild
Photo Categories

The following is a list of photo categories available at the Livermore Heritage Guild Museum
The photo pages listed above are from this collection





Adobe Buildings Crohare Bakery Livermore First St 3 Flagpole Saloons
Agriculture Crosby Ranch (Mulfontes) Livermore First St 4 East First Sandia
Air Photos Dania Livermore Government Savage, Dr. S.L.
Altamont Deaken, Edward Livermore Heritage Guild Schenone Building
Anspacher Bros Del Valle Res Livermore Hotels Schenone Family
Armstrong Drug Store, First St. Livermore Houses 1 Schneider, Johnny
Arroyo Del Valle Duarte Family Livermore Houses 2 Schools - Elementary 1
Arroyo Sanitarium Dublin Livermore, L Street Schools - Elementary 2
Art & Artists Dutcher Livermore Lions Club Schools - Elem - Rural
Associations & Clubs Fairs Livermore Mills Sq. Schools - Elem - Sonoma Ave
Aylward Farmers Exchange Livermore National Guard Schools - Elem - Summit [S.A. Altamont]
Baer, Max et al Festivals, Celebrations Livermore Naval Air Station Schools - Elem - Townsend
Bagley, Dan Field Artillery Livermore Parades Schools - Nursery / Preschools
Bailey, Hiram Foscalina Family Livermore Piano Schools - High School 1
Banks and Banking Fossils Livermore Quilt Schools - High School 2
Barn, the Gardella Family Livermore, Robert Family Scouts
Barns Gilroy File Livermore Sanitarium 1 Semi-Tropical Livermore
Beauty Contests Gordan, Nielsen House Livermore Sanitarium 2 Senior Citizens
Beck Gravel Industry Livermore Sister Cities Shopping Centers
Bernal Grocery Stores Livermore Soda Works Smith, Henry Clay
Blacksmiths Hagemann, H.L. Livermore Streets / Roads, etc. Social Service
Bordes Family Hammond, Dr. Wm., Jr. Livermore Valley Southern Pacific Railroad
Bothwell Family Harrisville London, Jack Sports
Brickyard Henry Family Luders, Maas Springtown
Bridges Hetch Hetchy Project Mally's Hotel Stables
Brushy Peak Highway Garage Masonic Building Stagecoach
Buckley Camp Holidays May School Steam Heat Hotel (Joesville)
Buckley Estate 1 Holm / Teeter Family  ? McGlinchey, John Streets, Roads, etc
Buckley Estate 2 Horse Shows McLeod Bldg Sweeney's Opera House
Buckley Portraits Hospitals Mendenhall, Martin Telephone
Buckley Residence (Ravenswood) Horton, Israel Mendenhall, William Tesla
Budworth Hunters & Hunting Mendenhall Springs Theatres
Car Research & Development Co. Indians Mining Time Capsules
Calif Transfer Independence Hall Mission San Jose Totem Pole
Callaghan IOOF Building Murphy, Daniel J. Su… Town Halls
Camp Bessie Jackson Family Murrieta, Joaquin Transportation
Camp Frost Kaiser Companies Music & Musicals US Armed Forces
Camp Parks & Shoemaker Knox, Tom Newspaper File US Bicentennial
Carnegie Building Laddsville Newton, Janet US Veterans Hospital
Carreta File LARPD Nuclear Research Valley Rds, Streets
Cask & Mask LLNL 1 Oil & Gall Wells & Drilling Veterans Park
Cemeteries LLNL 2 Olivina Victor & Harris
Chamber of Commerce Lear-Kimler Building Pentecostal Bible Collage Warehouses
Chequestor Library People 1 Water Supply
Churches, Baptist Livermore - Airport (Skyranch) People 2 Washington Hotel
Churches, Christian & Missionary Livermore Ark Club Pine Camp Weather
Churches, Episopal Livermore Art Association Pleasanton Wells & Well Drilling equipment
Churches, Methodist Livermore Bands Police & Sheriff Depts Wente Bros Winery
Churches, Presbyterian Livermore Buildings Post Cards Western Pacific Railroad
Churches, Roman Catholic Livermore Businesses 1 Post Office Wetmore
Civil Defense Livermore Businesses 2 Railroads Windmills
Coast Mfgr, & Supply Co. Livermore Cannon Recreation Wineries in General
Collier Family Livermore Centennial Robertson Family WW II
Company I Livermore City Council Robertson Park Young Family
Concannon Livermore Collegiate Inst. Rock House Zone 7
Cockerton Family Livermore Fire Dept. Rodeo  
Connally, Gallagher, Kelly Livermore First St 1 Looking West Ruby Hill  
Cresta Blanca Livermore First St 2 Looking East Ryan Bros Livery Stable  

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About These Photos

The majority of these photos are from the Livermore Heritage Guild collection of historical photographs which have been donated and collected over the years.  The photos are available for viewing at the History Center, which is located at the Carnegie building on 3rd street between J & K.

The photos were scanned for the Livermore Heritage Guild by the webservant of eLivermore.com, who is a Guild member, and are displayed on this web site with permission.  The photos are displayed here for the education and enjoyment of the community.  Photos should not be copied off of this web site.  For more information about photos labeled "Courtesy of the Livermore Heritage Guild", contact the Guild.  Most of the unlabeled photos and photos labeled eLivermore.com are the property of eLivermore.com.  See our photo policy about these pictures.

The photos are generally at a resolution of about 500x375 to allow for reasonable page loading times.  The aerial photos are about 640x480 to provide a bit more detail.  Many of the descriptions of the photos list what is written on signs, and other details.  Many of these details cannot be seen on the pictures at the resolution presented.  The information was obtained by zooming in on the high resolution scans of the photos.

The descriptions came from a variety of sources, including the photos themselves.  If you spot inaccuracies, or have additional information about something in a photo, please email  webservant@elivermore.com  

I would like to thank the Livermore Heritage Guild (www.lhg.org) for their support on this project, and for providing information about the history of Livermore and the contents of these pictures.  For more information, please visit the History Center in the Carnegie Building (3rd St. between J & K).  It is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:30 to 4:00.  It is also open during the Farmer's Market hours on Thursdays from the middle of May to the middle of October.

Several pages contain historical write-ups by Gary Drummond, a very knowledgeable local historian who has lead many a walking tour of Livermore and taught classes on the subject.  These write-ups are used with permission.

For all comments, questions, and suggestions please email to webservant@elivermore.com  

Many of the Naval Air Station photos come from a book titled A book titled: "NAS Livermore - A Unit of the Naval Air Primary Training Command - A Pictorial Review of Station Activities" This book was produced by the Naval Air Station in 1944.

The photos displayed here are from a variety of sources and have been donated and collected over many years.  If you feel that there is a photo that should not be displayed, or specific credit should be given to its source, please email webservant@elivermore.com.

Do you have photos that you would like to share?
There are bound to be many more historical photos which people have.  If you have photos that you would like to share, please email webservant@elivermore.com

Do you have information about any of the photos on this site?
Additional information about these pictures is always welcome.  Please email webservant@elivermore.com


Locations Displaying Historical Photos

There are several places around the city where Historical Photos are displayed.  This following is a incomplete list.  Please email webservant@elivermore.com if you know of others.

Livermore Heritage Guild History Center 3rd St between J & K  Wednesday to Sunday 11-4.
Albertsons on North Livermore Ave.  
The Bank of Italy Building (The Independent Newspaper) NE corner of First & Livermore.  The building is generally open 9-5 weekdays
Applebees 4301 First St
The Theatre Mall 2nd St between Livermore & J.
Centennial Light Bulb web site  



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