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Olive Oil in the Livermore Valley

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The Olivina

Description of The Olivina at Olivina Ranch

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Olive Wood Carvings

Wood carvings from Bethlehem.

Olive Trees planted in 2001 at Olivina Ranch.

Olive Trees that are well over 100 years old, and still producing.  Located at Olivina Ranch



The Olivina

In 1881, Julius Paul Smith purchased more than 2000 acres on the south-west portion of Livermore noted by the historic Olivina stone gateway.  The gate noted the beginning of a tree-lined drive leading towards the creek bed of the Arroyo del Valle.  The driveway leads to the other side of the arroyo to Julius Paul Smith's home and winery.

Mr. Smith was one of the Smith Brothers who developed a borax mining claim in Nevada into an industry whose product became known, eventually, as the world famous Twenty Mule Team Borax.

Olivina was planted in wine grapes, olives, and walnuts until Mr. Smith passed away in 1904 and Mrs. Smith ended the wine operation in 1908.  Many of the olive trees that were planted back as early as 1882 are still on the property today producing olive oil, making them well over 100 years old.

Charles D. Crohare purchased most of the estate around 1940 that was west of the arroyo and utilized it for a cattle operation until "The Olivina" of Olivina Ranch was established and started planting olives in March 2001.  Charles F. Crohare, who has owned and operated Olivina Ranch since 1951 oversees the operation to ensure the highest quality.

The entrance to Olivina Ranch is located just prior to the Wente Restaurant and Veterans Hospital on Arroyo Road, noted by the stone wall entrance and wrought iron gateway.  The Olivina estate is adjacent to Sycamore Grove Park and Veterans Hospital.

Olive arieties planted on the property consist of Mission (over 3000 trees), Arbequina (over 1500 trees), Lucca (242 trees, and Frantoio (about 6200 trees).

The California Olive Oil Council has certified the olives harvested in November 2003 as "Gold" for the Arbequina olives and "High Silver" for the Mission olives with a very low fatty acid (0.4%).  Oil from Olivina received the California Olive oil Council seal of quality to note 100% California Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is low in fatty acids and free of defects.  All of the olive oil from Olivina is cold pressed unfiltered for the highest quality, flavor, and aroma.

For further information or to inquire about ordering, please e-mail charles@theolivina.com or fax (925) 447-2945.

The above text is courtesy of Charles T. Crohare.



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Olivina Stone Gateway
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