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Granada Native Gardens

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Grand Opening July 17

Friends of the Arroyos and Granada High School students have built a native plant park called Granada Native Gardens. These Gardens are on the 1/3 acre lot (owned by the school district) that is on Murrieta one block south of Stanley in Livermore. Funds for this project came through the CA Regional Water Quality Control Board in the amount of $12,000 but with the added value of donated time and materials the actual cost of this park is estimated at a quarter million. The park is divided into various gardens or compatible plant communities: chapparal, oak woodland, wildflower meadow, and riparian habitat. Within the month, picnic tables, benches and 3 outdoor educational panels will also be installed.

Volunteers are needed to help with watering and weeding the first few years until plants are established. No water will be needed thereafter. It is hoped that these Gardens will not only be an outdoor classroom and enjoyable area for the students but that the Livermore residents can learn about how to incorporate native plants into their landscaping and reduce their water use. Please call 455-8823 or send an email to lstung@pacbell.net if you can help.


The 3 tables, before the mosaics were constructed.
The table bases and benches are made from recycled concrete.

Assembling the Trout Table

The finished Trout Table

Looking from the bike path toward Murrieta

Flannel Bush